The following items are currently for sale.  Unless otherwise specified, all vintage pens and pencils listed here have been restored to working condition, and are user-grade pens.  Unless stated otherwise, shipping is a flat-rate $5 for pens and bottles of ink, $3 for pencils and pocket notebooks, shipped to the U.S.  International shipping is considered and negotiated on a case-by-case basis.  Send me a message through the website or e-mail me directly at  Feel free to make an offer, which I promise to consider, but I generally price things to move to begin with, and will be more likely to accept an offer if you are looking to purchase more than one item. Shipping rates are definitely negotiable if you purchase multiple items.

If you are interested in selling pens, I sometimes accept pens for sale on consignment, terms negotiated on a case-by-case basis. Please contact me at or through the "Contact Me!" link above. 

Inks. I've recently realized that I have more bottles of ink than one person can ever use in a lifetime. Unless otherwise noted, these inks have had 1-2 fills taken from the bottle for testing, etc., and became bottles that I never really use either because the color just didn't do it for me or I have extras.

  • Pelikan Blue-Black (Old Formulation) $8
  • Papier Plume Moss Green $5


I have three pens remaining, all of which I am going to price aggressively to clear them out. All prices include shipping. Olivewood Ballpoint from Bourbon Pens ($20); Diplomat Esteem with a fine stainless steel nib (SOLD); Tactile Turn Gist with Damascus Steel grip and Finial and Black Stainless Steel Nib ($120, shipping included).  

Miscellaneous Notebooks and Stationery. Pictured here for sale: one sealed pack of Field Notes Arts and Sciences and two extra "Arts" (one with a stain on the cover - I'm throwing it in for free) (SOLD); One sealed "The Hobbit" Moleskine limited edition ($15 shipped); Two Slice Planners, Kickstarter Reward Editions, in Coral Orange and Gray, SOLD. [All "shipping included" quotes are domestic US Shipping only.]

Vintage Faber Castell American Pencils: Circa 1990s?  Flawless condition, with supple erasers.  Made in the U.S.A. from cedar, like they all used to be.  Getting difficult to find "in the wild".  $7 for a dozen (I have five or so for sale).