Ink Review: Pharmacist's Urkundentinte

When I placed my order from Pharmacist, I ordered five inks in order to maximize shipping value.  The one's I ordered are:

  1. Purpura Imperialis (which is the one I was the most excited about)
  2. Urkundentinte (the "Document Ink")
  3. Darkening Absinthe (what I understand to be a dark green ink, which I have not used yet)
  4. Turkish Night (a dark teal--not yet used)
  5. Terra Incinerata (sepia--not yet used)

I intend to publish reviews of all five.  Here are my thoughts on Urkundentinte (apologies in advance for any butchered spelling or translation).

This ink initially goes down as a lighter shade of blue black, perhaps a little lighter than Waterman blue black.  The most comparable color I have is the Montblanc limited edition Meisterstuck Diamond blue (review also forthcoming).

When it dries, however, it darkens considerably, almost to black, but still with some blue tint to it.  I've heard that the ink will continue to darken as it cures on the document over a period of weeks/months.

Again, this is an iron-gall ink, like all Pharmacist inks, so the same disclaimers apply to this ink that apply to the Purpura Imperialis.  Here is my review:

Written Ink Review:  Pharmacist's Urkundentinte
Written Ink Review: Pharmacist's Urkundentinte

And her is an extreme close-up showing the color change and some better color fidelity. The color in this photo is pretty spot-on, at least on my monitor.  The bottom writing is 15-seconds fresh, the top after about a minute.


Once again, another ink that I think is destined to become a favorite.  Doesn't turn heads around the office, and it's permanent iron-gall to boot.