Updates on The Gentleman Stationer

After celebrating nearly a month of regular blogging (something I never thought I could find the time to do), I've made a few changes/adjustments to the site.  I'm new to this, so please bear with me as I figure things out and experiment with some different layouts and other features.  Several things you may notice immediately:

  • A "Contact Me" page:  please reach out to me with any feedback (positive or negative), comments, suggestions on things you would like to see reviewed, inquiries regarding possible guest posts, etc.  Again, this is the first time of seriously tried to launch a project of this type, so I'm eager to learn more.
  • An "EDC" page:  people tend to ask me what I'm currently carrying.  I'm going to try to make this a fixed feature of the blog.
  • Twitter and Instagram links:  I'm not the world's biggest fan of social media, especially Facebook.  I'm still convinced that it eventually will lead to the downfall of humanity.  (Cue intro to Idiocracy.)  Hyperbole aside, I'm learning to appreciate Twitter, and I'm working on Instagram.  I've added links to my Twitter feed and Instagram portfolio on the sidebar.
  • Advertisements:  After realizing how all-consuming this project can be, I've decided to add some limited ads to the site in an effort to start generating some (so far, meager) income that might offset the cost of supplying fodder for reviews, etc.  

I have many other ideas that I'm contemplating and will be working on over the summer, with the goal of "completing" the site by the D.C. Pen Show in early August.  Thanks for reading!  Up this week:  a three-part Nock Co. Mega Review!