Getting Caught Up On Sunday Reading

I was away for a couple days this weekend visiting with family, so I'm just now getting back to my computer.  I should be back to my normal "schedule" this week, but until then here are some links from around the web that I enjoyed reading on the airplane.  

  1. Ana at the Well-Appointed Desk gives an eloquent overview of why we care about the things that we do.  
  2. The Cramped has an excellent piece on why, if you truly care about preserving your work, you should commit it to paper
  3. Patrick Rhone put out yet another piece on introversion that spoke to me.
  4. Goldspot published Part Two in its series, "What's My Pen Worth?"
  5. The Unroyal Warrant reviews the Namiki Custom Impressions series. I saw a few of these in DC, and they are gorgeous. (If I hadn't run out of funds already, I would've bought them all.)
  6. Brad over at the Pen Addict takes a look at the Kickstarter I'm the most excited about, the Gist by Tactile Turn.  If you haven't backed this one yet, do so now!   

In case you missed last week's posts, I've gone a little pencil crazy, looking at both the Rotring 600 Mechanical Pencil, courtesy of PenChalet, as well as the PENXO Minimalist Leadholder Pencil.  I'm continuing to enjoy both!