Kickstarter Update: Pen Options Everywhere

Maybe it's just me, but it seems like it's been a while since Kickstarter has featured this many great pens and other writing implements.  Even if you ultimately decide not to back all of these projects (or can't because you've already blown your pen budget for the month, like yours truly), please head over to Kickstarter and check them out.  And worry not--since most of these projects are from repeat enablers, you'll most likely have the opportunity to buy these pens on the market after the Kickstarter project funds. 

  1. Tactile Turn Gist.  What looks to be another great offering from Will Hodges, the mastermind behind what I consider to be two of my favorite machined pens, the Mover and the Shaker.  The Gist should be everything I want in a fountain pen.  It's relatively compact, made of tough Polycarbonate (the same material as the Lamy 2000), and has a ton of customizable options in terms of the material for the section and finial.  I expect this to be the daily carry fountain pen I've wanted for a very, very long time.  Check out Ed Jelley's review of the pen over at his blog. 
  2. Pen Type-B.  If you're a Pilot Hi-Tec-C fan, the folks who brought you Pen Type-A (one of the original Hi-Tec-C-based Kickstarter projects) have a new design up and ready to go. Unfortunately, this one probably will be my budget casualty for the month, but Pen Type-A is still readily available years later (from Jetpens), so this one should stick around.
  3. Nova Minimal Fountain Pen.  I'm a bit slow on the draw here.  This project closed last week, and I (along with 1600 others) backed it.  From the folks over at Namisu, keep an eye out for this one in December/January.  They scored a hit with their Nexus minimal fountain pen, though the prominent threading/texture on the grip section bothered some people. The Nova takes a different approach. 
  4. Penxo.  (Pronounced, "Pen-Show"?  If I'm wrong, blame Brad Dowdy.)  This one's a project that I backed a while ago, and I just received notification that it shipped and will arrive on Friday to Gentleman Stationer HQ.  The Penxo, which won a 2015 Reddot design award (past recipients include TWSBI), is a modern take on the clutch pencil, or leadholder.  I'm especially excited about my red and blue leads.  Initial thoughts and a review to come after I've spent some time with it.  
  5. Vertipen.  I struggle to seek how a wearable pen could turn into my new thing.  But hey, I'm all for supporting pen-related creativity, and I hope they find a market for it.
  6. Woods with a Story.  They don't get as much attention as metal machined pens, but I've always appreciated turned wooden pens, if they're done right.  These pens are made of Olivewood, and the gunmetal trim looks like it will complement the wood nicely.  The "Grip Pen" has a Retro 51-esq. design, and the entry price is not high, so I decided to give it a go.

One more note:  Ed Jelley did the photography on the Tactile Turn Gist, and there are some stunning photographs of the pen on both his website and the Kickstarter page.  The result is that you have a much better understanding of the project you will be backing than you do with many other Kickstarters. Be sure and check this one out! 

DISCLAIMER:  I have not been compensated for this review in any way, and with respect to those pens that I have backed on Kickstarter, I have done so with my own funds, and bought the pens for my own collection.