Reading for the Coming Snowpocalypse

For those of you who, like me, live south of the Mason-Dixon and are concerned about the imminent shutdown of their city and overall collapse of civilization in advance of 4-5 inches of snow, here's some stuff to take your mind off things: 

  1. The Pen Addict reviews an orange Iroshizuku ink (Fuyu-Gaki) that he thought he would really like but it just doesn't catch on.  I have a bottle of the Yu-Yake sitting in my bookcase that I purchased at a pen show last year but haven't gotten around to cracking open yet, and I think I'm subconsciously worried about just this issue.  I want to like this ink, but I suspect that I won't love it.  

  2. The Clicky Post reviews the Pilot Kuru Toga.  I have yet to find a mechanical pencil that I like as much as this one, and I recommend it as the starting point for anyone interested in mechanical pencils.   

  3. The Well-Appointed Desk reviews Kaweco Summer Purple.  

  4. There has been a lot of necessary discussion about negativity in pendom, and on the internet in general.  Brad over at Super Fun Time has an excellent post on negativity in the pen forums (which has largely driven me away from them), and another on blog/twitter/youtube trolls.  I have my own thoughts on how best to deal with the latter. Last Week's episode of The Pen Addict also touched on this subject, and, as always, is worth a listen. 

  5. Finally, there's a new podcast out there that's well worth an additional investment of your time:  Dot Grid, with Will Fanguy and Andy Welfle (of The Erasable Podcast fame).  Part of the new Nerd Uprising Network, Dot Grid "explores the intersection between the digital and analog ecosystems."  This week's episode inspired me to start working on learning Markdown again.  

Happy Sunday!