Set-Your-Money-On-Fire Sunday Reading

Burning Money Sunday Reading

The snow is finally melting, though it's now been replaced by minor flooding from nearly three inches of rain.  Doesn't do much for cabin fever!  Here are a few the things I've been reading while I've been cooped up: 

  1. Ed Jelley Reviews Kaweco's new 14K gold nibs.  I may try to test these out myself at some point.  It would be interesting to write with a Kaweco that is closer to the original vintage pen, but I'm hesitant to spend an additional $100 to upgrade the nib when the steel typically works just fine for me.  
  2. Ed also has a new photographic series titled "Colors in Stationery."  Very cool stuff.  Check out the "orange" piece. 
  3. I missed the LA Pen Show (again).  Dan at FPGeeks shows off his haul here.  I've been wanting to go to this show for years, but something always comes up at work.   He also has his Thursday/Friday write up posted on the blog.  Next year, I am there.  
  4. I missed this last week, but Mary at From the Pen Cup has a great piece on being more deliberate about acquiring pieces for your collection.  I'm proud of myself for the fact that I haven't spent my daughter's college fund while I've been trapped in the house surfing pens on the internet for the past week.  Thank you Mary! 
  5. Inklode reviews one of the Sailor Kobe Nagasawa Inks (Old Foreigner Ward Sepia No. 3).    I've been wanting to order some of these inks for a while, and when I finally get to travel to Japan, I'm going to go crazy. 
  6. The Pen Addict is running a great promotion with Cult Pens (20% off your order).  Cult Pens carries a wide selection of fountain pens (including an exclusive line of Diamine Ink) and also stocks a lot of European woodcase pencils that are difficult to find in the United States.  You can order them by the dozen.  

Happy Sunday everyone!