Sunday Reading for the Severely Hung-Over

Image courtesy of Flickr Creative Commons

After a few days of not-so-refeshing "work" travel in the Crescent City, I'm back, recharged and ready to go (or not), with a fresh set of Sunday Links.  Here are my best-of-the-best from the past week: 

  1. I'm insanely jealous of all of the new Pelikan M805 Stresemanns that are being acquired.  Take a look at FPQuest, as well as some killer Instagram photos from  Unfortunately, this one's not going to be on my horizon anytime soon. 
  2. CW Pencil Enterprise is now a physical retail store.  Finally, a reason to look forward to all those work trips to NYC after the closing of Art Brown. 
  3. Renowned Sailor Nibmeister Nagahara Nobuyoshi passed away this week. (via Chronicas Estilographicas.)  His son, Yukio, is carrying on the family tradition, and I have a nib ground by him that I purchased at last year's D.C. Pen Show. 
  4. Mary Collis at From the Pen Cup is prominently featured in this week's "3 Questions" at the Pen Addict.  She also posted a great review of the Ti2 Techliner, which I will be picking up as soon as I can. 
  5. I've recently started reading Fountain Pen Economics, written by the economist and pen enthusiast Dr. Jonathon Deans, who offers a unique perspective on the pen industry and the roles played by various brands/retailers.  This week, the blog featured an analysis of the discount website Massdrop (I share his skepticism regarding the site's long-term viability), as well as a piece recommending that bloggers write more critical reviews. As to the latter, I certainly believe bloggers have an obligation to write reviews reflecting their honest opinion of a product, as opposed to becoming shills for retailers/manufacturers who provide free stuff.  At the same time, I'm sympathetic to smaller-scale writers, like myself, who have to fund most of their product reviews out of their own pocket, and can't afford to purchase a product (even at a discount) that they suspect they won't like.  I believe this factor is one cause for the surplus of "positive" reviews.  For the record, however, if I truly don't like something, I will tell you.  And if anyone wants to send me some crappy pens or pencils to review, I'm happy to do it.  
  6. Mark Tucker continues his series of great reviews (and excellent photographs) with a review of the Pelikan M205 fountain pen.  As usual, he knocks it out of the park.  

Happy Sunday, everyone!