Pre-Atlanta Pen Show Weekend Reading!

This week in Pendom: 

  1. Ed Jelley writes about his trip to C.W. Pencil Enterprises.  I have a trip to NYC on the schedule for May.  Can't wait! 
  2. Mary at From the Pen Cup reviews some orange pens, including the Lamy Copper Orange AL-Star that I liked so much.  In case you missed it, my thoughts on this pen here
  3. I really, really, really miss living in Europe.  This store looks absolutely incredible.  Then again, it's probably a good thing.  (Via Gourmetpens) 
  4. Doug over at Modern Stationer reviews the Lamy 2000, one of my favorites.  
  5. Did I tell you how much I miss living in Europe?  Hope you enjoyed your vacation, Ian!
  6. Check out the latest episode of Dot Grid Podcast.  This week, Will talks with Mike Rohde of Sketchnote fame.  I wish I could make the presentation he is giving here a the Skillery in Nashville, but, well, life.... 
  7. Mark at WriteAnalog is giving away a Field Notes bundle this week.  Sign up for his great newsletter to enter! 

A couple updates on the blog: I've added a Review Index.  Honestly, I'm not crazy about the current design but I'm going on a year and I felt that I needed to do something to make the content more manageable.  

I've also added a link to my Amazon affiliate store.  I typically like to promote deals from independent retailers, but occasionally Amazon will offer a good deal, or I'll link to books, etc., that aren't available anywhere else.  It's nice to have a place to park these links.  I truly appreciate all of you who have bought stuff via my affiliate links and helped me support this my little side project. 

Finally, I'm off to the Atlanta Pen Show this week!  I may be a bit sparse as I try to get everything squared away at work, but you can bet I'll have a recap up and ready to go upon my return.