This Week's Links

That was a busy weekend, so I'm a day late, but here are this week's links: 

  1. An interesting piece over at Alt.Haven on travelling with fountain pens.  I travel with fountain pens fairly regularly, and don't have much of an issue except with vintage pens, so they generally stay home.  If I'm travelling with someone, and, for example, have to work on an airplane and want to avoid an ink "incident", I'll typically just stick to a gel/ballpoint and/or a pencil. 
  2. Susan Pigott for The Pen Addict reviewing the Franklin-Christoph Model 19 "1901" in Smoke and Cinnamaroon.  I'm really starting to come around on Franklin-Christoph pens.  I now have two of their pens that I'm enjoying as eyedroppers, both equipped with the Masuyama cursive italics. 
  3. The Well-Appointed Desk reviews the Callifolio Oliphants ink.  I'm really enjoying the Callifolio Ink I picked up from Vanness Pen Shop at the Atlanta Pen Show.  It truly does behave well on all papers I've tried it on, flows well, and dries quickly. 
  4. Pens!Paper!Pencils! reviews the Roterfaden Taschenbegleiter.  You can cram a lot of stuff into that notebook, so if you're looking to streamline a daily notebook carry into a single form factor, this seems like a great option.  
  5. GourmetPens reviews the new Pelikan Cafe Creme.  I had the opportunity to handle this pen in Atlanta, and while it's perhaps a touch too small for me, it's pretty.  
  6. Ray at FPQuest reviews the Namisu Nexus Minimal Fountain Pen.  So far I've heard better things about the titanium nib option, rather than the stainless steel.  I'm going to hold off on this one for now.

As for me, I'm off to NYC later this week.  I'll finally be able to do some pencil shopping in person

Thanks for reading!