Quick Links for a Travel Weekend

Some links for the end of a great weekend.  I spent a couple days in New York and was able to visit CW Pencil Enterprise (the actual storefront!) on the Lower East Side.  I'll have a write-up on that visit, and more from Manhattan, later in the week. 

  1. Ed Jelley (my partner in crime on Saturday) recently reviewed a cool pencil sharpener with a name that I am unable to pronounce.  Apparently you can get a variety of points on your pencils using this sharpener.
  2. Bob at My Pen Needs Ink has a great piece on quality control (or the lack thereof) in higher-end pens, an issue that I would characterize as endemic.  IMHO, any pen that costs more than $50 should write out of the box without hard starting or skipping.  That's a decent amount of money, and when I regularly start hearing stories of pens that cost $400+ not writing at all,  I can't help but wonder whether the companies making these pens are thinking at all about the experience of the end user. 
  3. The Well-Appointed Desk reviews J. Herbin Bleu Ocean.  Herbin has "updated" the formula to add gold flakes to the ink, consistent with Herbin's Rouge Hematite (Red) and Stormy Grey (grey).  I've not tried the blue or the grey inks in this line, but I experienced terrible clogging, gunking, and smearing problems with Rouge Hematite a while back.  The reviews I've read of the new varieties don't make me incredibly anxious to try them. 
  4. I backed the Penxo Leadholder pencil on Kickstarter (black and gold models). I've never owned a leadholder, but always have been intrigued by them and figured this is a good way to start.  The Penxo has been awarded a 2015 Reddot design award.     

And in case you missed it earlier in the week, I reviewed the Sailor Pro Gear Sky, which is one of my new favorite fountain pens.  Please check it out if you haven't already.