Weekend Reading

Here's some interesting stuff that hit feedly (in the brief time I had to read when I wasn't cleaning and shipping pens): 

  1. Peaceable Writer discusses Fude Nibs.  
  2. Pete Denison on why people in this community are awesome.  
  3. Jenny over at The Finer Point reviews the Original Field Notes.  
  4. Susan Pigott, writing for The Pen Addict, reviews Akkerman Shocking Blue.  Yet another ink I don't need (but after reading Susan's excellent review, am probably going to buy). 
  5. Very interesting article from the New York Times on Kickstarter projects that fail.  (Found this via Pete Denison on Twitter)  Short version: if you're backing a project on Kickstarter that involves the manufacture of a machine/appliance/electronics, your risk of the project failing goes way up, especially if the people running the project have very limited experience in manufacturing (not to mention the industry in question).  And people need to remember, startups are risky and fail all the time.  It doesn't necessarily mean that backers have been "defrauded" or "cheated."  

More Atlanta Pen Show reviews are still trickling out: 

And, finally, thanks to everyone who "helped" with my Spring Cleaning!  Hopefully I've enabled many people in the process.  I still have a few pens looking for new homes, including a nice vintage Conklin Endura in Bronze Celluloid, a Noodler's Ebonite Konrad, and a few off-brand vintage pen sets.  I also have a limited edition Lamy Studio in Ruby Red that I'd be willing to part with for a decent price.  Let me know if you are interested, and feel free to make me an offer. 

Thanks for reading!