Lots of Links This Week

There's a ton of quality reading material out there this week, so here are a few more links than normal. 

Pen Links

  1. Alt-Haven reviews Sailor Bung Box Dandyism.  I just purchased a sample of this ink, but given my current loadup (8 pens inked) it will be a while before I get around to using it. 
  2. Ed Jelley shows us his fountain pen loadout, and talks about finding a core set of six pens that he's content to use (for now).  
  3. Ray from FPQuest reviews the Pilot Bamboo Vanishing Points.  I think I'll need to see these in person before I decide whether they're something I'm interested in. 
  4. From a couple weeks ago:  Mary Collis reviews the Lamy Studio Palladium.  I love the Lamy Studio 14k nibs.  They're incredibly springy and smooth.  They run a bit wider than normal, but are still great to write with. 
  5. Parker launches a new line of Sonnets:  the "Great Expectations" line (via Goldspot).  The "Subtle Big Red" model with the Ruthenium trim has piqued my interest. 
  6. Another Sailor Bung Box review:  Azizah from GourmetPens reviews Bung Box Sapphire. This one's a personal favorite. 
  7. Azizah also reviews a new limited edition Montblanc Ink:  the "Meisterstuck Blue Hour".  Is it just me, or does this resemble the Meisterstuck "Diamond Blue" ink from a few years back? 
  8. The Finer Point goes stationery shopping in Berlin
  9. Pete Denison has another great piece on wanting to read more.  The extended working hours demanded in most workplaces today takes a serious toll on your reading, especially if your job itself requires upwards of 100 pages of professional reading per day.  
  10. The Well-Appointed Desk talks about commonplace book options

Pencil Links

  1. Pencil Revolution has a series of posts on the Kum Masterpiece Sharpener.  Now I'm intrigued.  Part I and Part II
  2. If you've been living under a rock in the pencil blogosphere, you may have missed that Palomino released their first "Volumes" edition:  the Blackwing 725.  Here are two reviews, via Pencil Revolution and Woodclinched; the pencil also gets a shout-out on this week's Erasable Podcast
  3. CW Pencil Enterprises just added this set of wood pencils from Gallery Shigeki Miyamoto.  Just out of my price range, perhaps, but gorgeous nonetheless. 

Thanks for reading!