Weekly Links

I know it's been a while on the links.  I spent this morning catching up on some reading and found a few great ones: 

  1. Triple Stealing.  Leigh's video on elastic nibs, via Peaceable Writer.  I hope Nibs.com brings one of these to the D.C. Pen Show this year, because I'm going to try one.  
  2. Peninkcillin reviews J. Herbin Vert Pre, and compares it to Vert Olive and Roher & Klingner Alt-Goldgrun.  I need Alt Goldgrun back in my ink stable.  I really regret selling that bottle. 
  3. Alt.Haven visits pen shops in Europe, including my grail shop, Rome's Novelli Pen & Pipe.  Read the travelogue, then go to the Novelli site and drool.  They have an incredible selection of Delta and Omas.  
  4. Bob from My Pen Needs Ink writes about the literal weight of analog.  
  5. Scribble Pen Scam.  If you missed the PSA on the Pen Addict a few weeks back, read this now!  And if you, like me, received an e-mail solicitation to "pre-order" this pen, don't.  It's apparently not legit. 
  6. My Coffee Pot reviews a Ken Cavers custom clipless Cigar.  Beautiful pen.  If only I could get on that wait list. . . .  

And if you missed my most recent ink review from this week, it's here.  I take on Diamine Oxblood, a new favorite red! 

Thanks for reading, and have a great week!