Links and Stuff To Buy

Image courtesy of Flickr Creative Commons.

A lot's been going on over the past couple of weeks.  I can't recap it all, but here are the highlights, from the pen world and beyond: 

  1. After years in development, the TWSBI Eco has launched.  "Eco" refers to "economical," and TWSBI is referring to the Eco as "Your Everyday Pen."  The pen is available in both black and white color schemes, and while I don't find it aesthetically pleasing, at $28.99 it's a bargain if you're looking for a piston filler in the sub-$30 price point.  
  2. Ed Jelley reviews his Pilot Custom 823 with a Binder Architect's grind.  I need to finally pull the trigger and purchase this pen.  Maybe at the D.C. Pen Show? 
  3. Ray over at FPQuest writes about what he's termed the new purchase "reality distortion field."
  4. Paul over at shares his loadout for his upcoming trip.  Love these travel posts. 
  5. Congrats to Fountain Pen Economics for hitting the six-month mark this month!  He also has a brand analysis of Staedtler, whose fountain pens I have not had an opportunity to check out.  Hopefully they will be at the D.C. Pen Show again this year.
  6. Mary at From the Pen Cup reviews Waterman pens pared with Sailor inks.  Watermans are the unsung heroes of the mid-range fountain pen world.  They were my personal gateway drug and I still use them all the time.     
  7. Venturing (slightly) outside the pen community, Pete Denison shares a whiskey site that I hadn't discovered, but am enjoying.  
  8. Last but certainly not least, Write Analog returns from hiatus to review the new Nock Co. spiral pad, with the same fountain pen friendly paper contained in their new dot-dash notebooks.  I will definitely be picking up some of these in D.C.