Links Are Back!

It's been a couple weeks, so there's a fair amount here, and more I could've easily included but for the pesky constraints of space and time.  Enjoy!


  1. I love it when people show off their travel rigs.  The Unroyal Warrant reveals his Loadout for Five Weeks in Europe.  
  2. Ed Jelley reveals his top 5 inks for everyday use.  I’ve been thinking on this topic myself.  Stay tuned. 
  3. Another not-so-stellar verdict on Sailor Bung Box Ink of Witch by Alt.Haven.  This ink continues to disappoint many, despite the evident demand for a viable purple-black color.  So far, Diamine Eclipse is probably the best option I’ve used. 
  4. Ray over at Fountain Pen Quest has started a new series, titled “What I Use.”  First up is the Nock Co. Fodderstack XL.  This same model has been in heavy rotation for me.  I have the Gray/Orange Color scheme.  
  5. Inkdependence has been running a series of reviews on the new Franklin-Christoph ink lineups.  I’m going to have to see if I can pick up some samples of these at the D.C. Pen Show.  I’ve heard that F-C has tweaked their ink formulations.  From the reviews I have read, my two new favorites are the Noire et Bleu and Dark Chocolate.  
  6. Last but not least, Thomas at Penucopia tells you all there is to know about the Newton Shinobi.    


  1. The Finer Point reviews the Caran d’Ache Swisswood Pencil.  Curiously, Jenny found her Swisswood to have dark graphite, while mine was extremely hard.  You could chalk the difference up to personal preferences, but I wonder whether there is some variability in the Caran d’Ache HB graphite?  Other Caran d’Ache pencils I have used are softer and darker than the Swisswood I am currently using.  


  1. Pete Denison has an excellent piece on his favorite podcasts.  I picked up Lore, by Aaron Mahnke, for the first time and listened to all nine episodes over the weekend.  The episodes run about 20-25 minutes each.  Sort of a cross between the X-files and 99% Invisible (another great one).  
  2. Speaking of Podcasts, if you haven't yet listened to Episode 161 of the Pen Addict, give it a listen because I was a guest last week!