This Week in the Stationery World...

Here's a selection of last week's happenings from our unique little corner of the internet: 

Fountain Pen Links: 

  1. Fountain Pen Economics writes on the value of forming a relationship with a single retailer, or a small group of retailers who know their customers' preferences well.  On a related note, Eclectidbits wrote a piece a few months back that serves as a nice illustration of what happens when retailers don't pay attention to their customers!  Be sure and catch Dr. Deans on this week's upcoming Pen Addict Podcast
  2. Gorgeous.Ink reviews Graaf von Faber Castell Cobalt Blue. 
  3. Peaceable Writer reviews the Pilot Fermo, the third, and perhaps lesser-known, pen in Pilot's capless line, which includes the Vanishing Point, the Decimo, and the Fermo.  The Fermo is the twist-action capless pen.  I've never seen one in person.  
  4. FPQuest Reviews the Pelikan Stresemann in Anthracite Gray.  
  5. Pilot announces the 2015 Limited Edition Vanishing Point:  "Twilight."  (Via Gourmet Pens).

Pencil Links: 

  1. Meet the team at C.W. Pencil Enterprise.  Always nice to put a face with a name! (Although I have met Caitlin in person.)
  2. The Well-Appointed Desk reviews the Caran d'Ache Swisswood.  
  3. Mike Dudek of The Clicky Post is the special guest on last week's Erasable Podcast.  If you haven't listened, it's a can't-miss!
  4. Last week's Dot Grid Podcast included a great discussion on accumulation of the things we collect and why we collect them. 

And don't forget, I am giving away a bottle of Montblanc's Blue Hour "Twilight Blue" ink, courtesy of Pen Boutique.  You have until midnight on Thursday to enter the giveaway, and a winner will be picked Friday!