Deals and Drops: Black Friday!

I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving! I for one took a complete day off from the blog and social media yesterday, but woke up a to a deluge of Black Friday deals and promotions in my e-mail/feeds. Some of these are interesting, including a lot of the deals from Massdrop, which has been pretty thin on writing-related drops recently. 

  1. Pen Chalet Black Friday Promotions. Ok, some of this pricing is outright ridiculous. You can get Delta pens like the Horsepower and the Virtuosa for under $100. You can also get a Monteverde Artista Crystal fountain pen and ballpoint set for $36, and in addition to these already crazy prices, use the code BLACK15 for and additional 15% off.
  2. Anderson Pens Clearance. While I haven't seen any Black Friday-specific promotions, Anderson Pens still has a bunch of stuff on clearance in the outlet section of their store. Happy hunting!
  3. Goldspot Pens. Goldspot is offering bonus gifts with purchases over certain dollar amounts, including Jinhao and Parker pens, Rhodia pads, Pelikan 4001 ink, and more.
  4. Vanness Pens. Use the Code BlackFriday2016 for 10% off all online purchases this weekend.
  5. Goulet Pens Clearance. Goulet pens has a lot of stuff marked down as well, including some Filofax A5 organizers in fun colors. 
  6. Papermate Inkjoy Assortment Pack (via Amazon). I've heard good things about Papermate's InkJoy line from gel pen enthusiasts at my office, but I've never actually had the opportunity to use one myself. One of the barriers to entry for me has been the relatively high price, but you can try a 10-pack for a few bucks off.
  7. Write Notepads Twitter Promotions. Write Notepads has been tweeting some special offers and promotions all week. Follow them at @writepads to take advantage.
  8. Blackwing Friday. Today only, is offering some bonus goodies with your order. Grab a Blackwing "Half the Pressure, Twice the Speed" sticker with any order placed today, get a free Blackwing 602 pencil with every order over $20, and get a free Blackwing long-sleeve t-shirt with every order over $100.  
  9. Baron Fig "The Black Box". Check out the newest limited edition Baron Fig Vanguard. They sent me one to check out, and it's not one you want to miss!  (Hint: If you're an X-Files fan like me, then buy it. Now.)
  10. Lamy 2000 (via Massdrop). Great deal on the Lamy 2000 at $104 (shipping included). 
  11. Pentel Energel 5-Pack (via Amazon). Black Friday pricing on the Energel, a great gel pen option. 
  12. Papermate Flair Felt-Tipped Pens (via Amazon). Grab a discount on a 12-pack of a classic Papermate product that's ordinarily very expensive.
  13. ATELEIA Stainless Steel Pen (via Massdrop). Grab this refill-friendly stainless pen for $67 shipped. This is a Black Friday / Thanksgiving special so it's only available for today.
  14. Andy Lambrou Fountain Pen Books (via Massdrop). Grab Fountain Pens: United States of America and United Kingdom and Fountain Pens of Japan for around $65 each shipped, which is great pricing on reference books that can run over $100 apiece. 
  15. Super5 Fountain Pen (via Massdrop). I knew they made inks, but these are nice looking - and very reasonably priced - pens. 
  16. Graf von Faber-Castell Bottled Ink (via Massdrop). A good discount on what's normally an expensive bottle of ink.
  17. Fisher Bullet Space Pen 2-Pack (via Massdrop). Grab one of my favorite pocket pens for around $15 each shipped.
  18. Allegory Leather Goods (via Massdrop). Allegory Leather's pen wrap and A5 notebook cover are both up on Massdrop. 
  19. Diplomat Moderns Magnum SoftTouch Fountain Pen (via Massdrop). This pen came up in e-mails and comments in response to my review of various other Diplomat pens. This pen comes in at just over $20 shipped. 
  20. Pelikan M201N (via Massdrop). Grab this Pelikan special edition at a discount!  
  21. Graf von Faber-Castell Classic Fountain Pen (via Massdrop). Not inexpensive at all, but still a discount! 
  22. Karas Kustoms Blackout! (via Massdrop). Must be a "Black Friday" theme. Pick your Karas Kustoms pen in an all-black color scheme.

I may do another post and some social media updates through the weekend if more deals/sales are brought to my attention. Keep an eye out!