Happy Holidays! Back Next Week!

I'm going dark for a few days to take some time off and enjoy the Holidays with my family, and hopefully you all will be able to do the same! Regular posting will likely resume later next week. There's not much of interest for Deals and Drops this week, since many retailers are likely gearing up for their after-Christmas clearance/specials and next week promises to be much more interesting from a shopping perspective. 

Here are a few things that you all should be aware of, so you don't miss them while I'm "out": 

  1. Karas Kustoms CUBE Pen Holder (via Massdrop)Karas Kustoms' collaboration with Dudek Modern Goods is back in brushed or polished aluminum, and now available in different versions to hold notebooks or business cards. 
  2. Urban Survival Gear TiScribe Machined Highlighter (via Massdrop). If you missed out on the Kickstarter a while back, check out the only machined highlighter pen that I know of, now on Massdrop. 
  3. PIUMA Minimal Fountain Pen (via Kickstarter). Don't forget to check out the PIUMA Super Minimal Fountain Pen on Kickstarter, with just over a month remaining to back this project.
  4. Filson Clearance Sale. You all know I'm a huge Filson nut, and they've launched a large sale a few days before Christmas. This includes their watches, many of which are 50% off. 
  5. Super Last-Minute Online Shopping (via Amazon). You have about 2 hours before the next day delivery cutoff for certain products. If, like me, you're planning on skipping work today because you're scrambling to have gifts ready for everybody, you might be able to knock some of those out with some strategic online shopping (including instant gift card delivery. Need to hurry, though. 

As always, thanks for reading!

Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links.