Memorial Day Reading for May 30, 2016

I could probably title this one the "Typos-and-formatting-issues-because-I'm-working-off-a-borrowed-computer" edition.

This Week's Links

  1. The Finer Point.  Jenny over at The Finer Point published this piece on her introduction to bullet journaling.  

  2. All Things Stationery.  If you haven't listened to this week's episode of the Pen Addict podcast, it features Tessa from All Things Stationery and is a great listen.  Also, please check out Tessa's map of stationery stores, which is an excellent resource. 

  3. Clicky Post.  Mike Dudek looks at the Schon DSGN pocket pen. I haven't had the opportunity to try one of these, but it looks like it would be a great EDC pocket pen. 

  4. Gorgeous.Ink.  Paul Joynes reviews the Pilot Custom 823, which has become one of my favorite workhorse writers.  

  5. Pen Habit.  Matt looks at Hieronymus Ink, another Swiss brand trying to sell ink at the $50/bottle price point. It will be interesting to see how they do with this strategy. 

Memorial Day Deals, Discounts and Updates

  1. Our sponsor at Pen Chalet is running a 10% off Memorial Day sale.  Use the coupon code "MEMORIAL10".
  2. Anderson Pens now carries Tomoe River Paper and Life notebooks.  This Japanese Stationery is about as perfect for fountain pen use as you can get.  They also launched an Ink Comparison tool, which you can use to compare the various colors of ink they offer.
  3. Vanness Pens is restocked on Callifolio and KWZ Inks, including some hard-to-find colors such as KWZ Honey and Callifolio Adrinople.  Supply's limited, so act now!
  4. PenBoutique has the new Retro 51's in stock, including the hard to find "Tiger Shark." Act quick because these have gone fast at other retailers.  
  5. Some great Amazon deals on Iroshizuku Ink this week, including Asa Gao; Kon-Peki; Shin-Kai; Yu-Yake. Others are available as well.
  6. Sailor Yama-Dori.  This is one of my favorite Sailor colors, and I can't figure out why this specific ink is available at this price, while the others are being sold at standard retail.
  7. J. Herbin Emerald of Chivor.  

In Case You Missed It...

As I mentioned, I'm at the beach this week so my posting schedule's going to be a bit irregular, though it's been nice to get caught up on links and my own reading backlog.  Yesterday I posted a piece on my favorite custom nib grinds, and last week I posted a review of the Nock Co. Sinclair pen case.

As always, thanks for reading! 

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