Some Gentleman Stationer Site Updates

It's been a while since I've done some housekeeping on the blog, so I wanted to alert you to a few new features I've been working on: 

  • Archive and Tags. One thing that I've been extremely dissatisfied with is the ability for readers to browse past blog content. I've played around with various formats, but finally settled on the monthly archive as the one which worked the best.  I've also included a tag cloud for those of you who like to use tags to search and navigate. You can access both of these features via the "Index" tab on the navigation bar. It's hard to believe the content goes back to 2014! 
  • Best Pens Page. I recently consolidated all of my pen recommendations blog posts into a single page so that it would be easier to update as my recommendations evolve.

For those of you attending the Pelikan Hubs, tonight, enjoy! Nashville Hub, I'll see you there!