Deals and Drops: Only in Japan

Lots of Japan-only exclusives today, plus some alerts on new products and products that are being discontinued. Best of luck to those of you pen hunting at the Philly Pen Show, which starts today!

  1. Pen Chalet Martin Luther King Day Sale. Use the coupon code KING10 at checkout to get a 10% discount, through the holiday weekend. A great opportunity to pick up a soon-to-be-discontinued Pro Gear Sky at a discount (see below). 
  2. Sailor Pro Gear Sky Is Being Discontinued. Those of you who listen to the Anderson Pens Podcast might know this already, but Sailor is discontinuing it's Pro Gear Sky special edition. If you've been on the fence about these, then move quickly and pick one up. Both Anderson Pens and Pen Chalet still have them in stock. If you missed my review of this awesome special edition, check it out here
  3. Sailor Barcarolle Fountain Pens (via PenChalet). Coming soon to PenChalet, a different model of Sailor pen with a brass body. Interesting design, and it looks to be a bit slimmer than their other pens. Preorder yours now!
  4. Tactile Turn Slider and Glider (via Huckberry). Tactile Turn makes some great machined metal pens, including one of my favorites, the Mover (now discontinued). Will Hodges' latest creations, the Slider and Glider bolt-action pens, are now available for sale via Huckberry at a 10% discount. 
  5. Pacific and West Notebooks (via Huckberry). I'm not sure about the paper, but these black walnut notebook covers look really nice and appear compatible with the Circa/Arc disc-bound notebook systems.
  6. Mod3 Tablet Case with Tile (via Huckberry). Huckberry has their versions of the This Is Ground Mod3 tablet case back in stock, with a slight break on the price. Deals on some other TIG products as well. 
  7. Ginormous Bottle of Pilot Blue Black Ink (via Amazon). Terrified Pilot will stop making it, or you'll run out after a year or two of feverish scribbling? Stock up now.
  8. Pilot Custom 823 Transparent Black Demonstrator (via Amazon). One of my favorite fountain pens. I have the Amber version, which I reviewed here, but Pilot makes a transparent black version for the Japanese market which I sincerely hope they bring stateside at some point. 
  9. Pilot Custom Heritage 92 Color Demonstrators (via Amazon). The orange model is one of my favorite daily writers, but typically only the clear demonstrator is available outside Japan. 
  10. Pilot Capless with "Alloy" Nib (via Amazon). Apparently Pilot makes a Japan-only model of the Capless/Vanishing Point without a gold nib, at a lower price point. I've not seen these in the states. That "deep yellow" color is nice.
  11. Pilot Prera Solid Colors (via Amazon). Pilot makes a wide variety of Preras in fun solid colors for the Japanese market.  
  12. Pilot Lucina (via Amazon). I've had my eye on the yellow pen for a long time, which reminds me a bit of the vintage Mandarin Yellow Duofold (though much, much, much cheaper). 
  13. Sailor Imperial Black Multi pen (via Amazon). One of the best multifunction pens out there, in my opinion, and certainly one of the best looking. 
  14. Sailor Imperial Black Ballpoint (via Amazon). Another addition to the Imperial Black family that I didn't know was out there. Why not allow these to leave Japan, given the popularity of the fountain pen and the stealth pen craze?   
  15. Diamine Ink Composers and Flowers Box Sets (via Massdrop).  
  16. Italix Freshman's Notator Fountain Pen (via Massdrop).
  17. HMM Rule/One Pen (via Massdrop)

Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links.