Deals and Drops: New Aurora Minerali Release, Leather Pen Cases, Pelikans and More

Aurora recently released the next pen in the "Minerali" series - a bright green color called "Diopside." Since I'm on a leather goods kick, I have a few links highlighting leather pen/notebook cases, and I also came across several opportunities on old-stock Pelikan limited and special editions that are still hanging around. Happy Shopping! 

  1. 3952 Fountain Pens (via Pen Chalet). Pen Chalet is the exclusive North American distributor for 3952 Pens, a new fountain pen brand out of Taiwan. I have a review coming shortly. Good pens featuring Bock nibs.
  2. Aurora 88 Minerali in Diopside Green (via Pen Chalet). The new Aurora 88 Minerali fountain pen is out now! 
  3. Aurora 88 Minerali in Azurite Blue (via Vanness Pens). Vanness has an excellent price on the Minerali right now, if you're looking to add the blue one to your collection before the next color is released. 
  4. Giuliano Mazzuoli Pens (via Pen Chalet). Mazuoli is a new brand from Italy distributed by Luxury Brands (distributor of Noodlers Ink, Platinum, etc.). They've sent me a few pens to test out/review and thus far I'm very impressed. The fountain pens use Schmidt nibs, and the Officina ballpoint/clutch pencil set is cool. Pricing is very reasonable for what you get.
  5. Sailor Chalana Fountain Pens (via Anderson Pens). Apparently Sailor is discontinuing the ultra slim Chalana model. If you're a fan of slim pens, you'll want to check out the Chalana, and the Andersons bought up remaining stock so act quick.  
  6. Goldspot Fall Clearance (via Goldspot Pens). Goldspot is clearing out some inventory and has some deep discounts on certain pens and accessories. Also, don't forget to check out their Special Offers page
  7. TWSBI Diamond Mini AL in Gold (via Appelboom). Appelboom looks like one of the first to have the new TWSBI Diamond Mini AL in stock. Don't forget, free international shipping if your order is greater than 200 euros. 
  8. Blackwing Volumes 344 (via Zeller Writing Co.). Looking for remaining stock of the Dorothea Lange Blackwing? Zeller Writing Co. still has some on the site, but who knows for how long. 
  9. One Star Leather Pen Sleeves (via OneStarLeather/Etsy). So far I've been extremely impressed with the One Star Leather line of goods, including the pen sleeves that come in an array of fun colors. I have the red and really enjoy it. 
  10. Tom Barrington Leather Pen Sleeves (via Amazon). I've been breaking out my leather goods (cooler weather and all, somehow it makes sense) and one thing I've been carrying is this double pen sleeve in brown double-quilled Ostrich leather.  (Review here)
  11. Bellroy Leather Goods (via Huckberry). I can't leave Bellroy off any list of quality leather goods. Their wallets and pocket notebook cases are among my favorite daily carry items, and they've just launched a new line of bags. 
  12. Baron Fig Guardian Confidant (via Baron Fig). Baron Fig recently expanded their lineup of Guardian notebook covers to include new sizes and covers. 
  13. Pelikan Special Edition M101n Bright Red (via Amazon).
  14. Pelikan Souverain M805 Vibrant Blue (via Amazon).
  15. Pelikan Special Edition M640 Sahara (via Amazon).
  16. Pelikan Special Edition Mount Everest (via Amazon).
  17. Pelikan Special Edition Polar Lights (via Amazon).

Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links. All links are current as of time of publication, but certain offers are subject to changes in price and/or availability, as quantities may be limited.