Deals and Drops: The Holidays (and Some New Special Editions) Are Upon Us!

The holidays are almost upon us, so in addition to today's Deals & Drops, here's a friendly reminder to get your orders in soon on custom goods (pen cases, pen holders, anything handmade) that you want ready to go by mid to late December.  

  1. Opus 88 Koloro (via Pen Chalet). I'll keep this one in here for another week, because it's a cool pen that I've now had the opportunity to see in person. Ebonite and acrylic eyedropper with a massive ink capacity and a Japanese-style eyedropper system to regulate flow and prevent cap leakage. Look for a review in the future. 
  2. Pelikan Souverain M605 White Transparent (via Pen Chalet). The new M605 in transparent white is available now!  No word yet on the M805 Ocean Swirl and when it might be available.
  3. Platinum 3776 Nice Lavende (via Pen Chalet). The new lavender version of the Platinum 3776 Nice is available at Pen Chalet. 
  4. 3952 Abalone in Silver (via Pen Chalet). The 3952 Abalone model is now available with silver trim. 
  5. Aurora Optima 75th Anniversary in Red (via Anderson Pens). Aurora's new Optima is out, and its gorgeous! 
  6. Newer Vintage Conway Stewart (via Vanness). Vanness has some made-in-the-UK Conway Stewart pens available for sale (that Honey Noire is gorgeous).  
  7. Diplomat Aero Factory Fountain Pen (via Appelboom). It looks like Diplomat has a new color scheme out for the Aero, in brushed silver and matte black. 
  8. Penwell Pen Holder in Walnut, Aluminum and Brass (via Penwell Co.). Dan has aluminum and brass penwells available, in addition to the wood version.  
  9. Platinum 3776 Shungyo Demonstrator (via The Nibsmith). Dan Smith just announced that he has more of the "soft fine" nibs on the Shungyo in stock!
  10. Magno Ink (via Kickstarter). I have one of the "Magno" leadholders, and it's a very well-made piece. The pen looks interesting as well.  
  11. "Meetings Kill Creativity" Notebook (via Moo). Moo has launched a new limited edition notebook in collaboration with Designer Timothy Goodman. I love anything with yellow in the color scheme, so count me a fan. 
  12. Pelikan M605 Marine Blue (via Amazon). One of the prettier Pelikan special editions out there, in the uncommon (for a special edition) M605 size and trim. 
  13. Platinum 3776 Sai Demonstrator (via Amazon). If you missed out on the clear "Sai" 3776 limited edition demonstrator, you can still find some in the wild. 
  14. Miquelrius 6-subject Notebooks (via Amazon). I used to love these notebooks when I was in law school/college, and it's good to see them more widely available.
  15. Custom Order Reminder!!! If you're interested in a custom notebook cover or leather product from One Star Leather Goods, or a pen holder from Dudek Modern Goods, get your orders in before Thanksgiving!   

Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links.