Deals and Drops: Holiday Codes, Limited Editions, Subscriber Specials, and More!

A handful of releases today, including new Blackwing Volumes and Write Notepads limited editions, new Montblanc "Great Characters" pens, and more! While we're not up against a holiday delivery deadline yet, I wouldn't hold out much longer than next week to be safe. 

Disclaimer: This post includes links to paying sponsors and affiliates. 

  1. Pen Chalet 10% Off Code (via Pen Chalet). Through Sunday, grab 10% off all Pen Chalet orders with the coupon code "HOLIDAY."
  2. Opus 88 Clear Demonstrator (via Pen Chalet). You may have seen the Instagram pictures, and the Opus 88 Clear Demonstrator with a Japanese-style eyedropper system and a No. 6 nib is now available for preorder!
  3. Opus 88 Koloro Color Demonstrator (via Pen Chalet). I picked up two of these Japanese-style eyedroppers, in both the blue/tan and orange/tan acrylic and ebonite color combinations. These are really cool pens at a decent price. Review is in progress.
  4. Nemosine Singularity Fountain Pen (via Pen Chalet). It's been a while since I dipped my toes into the entry level pen pool, and I was pleasantly surprised at how nice the stub nib is at this price point.
  5. One Star Leather Goods (via One Star Leather / Etsy). Probably a "last call" for by-Christmas delivery, if you have your eye on something from One Star Leather for the holidays.
  6. Baron Fig Tote Bag (via Baron Fig). Notwithstanding all the hooplah over the final colors being lighter than shown on the initial Kickstarter prototypes, Baron Fig made a very nice canvas tote bag. I've been carrying it to work daily. Satisfied Kickstarter backer. (And, by the way, the Fig Wine Squire is gorgeous.)  
  7. Delta Clearance at 40% Off (via Vanness Pens). Vanness has all of their Delta pens on sale.
  8. Classic Conway Stewart Pens (via Vanness). Vanness still has a some classic Conway Stewarts in some of their unique acrylics. You don't get many chances at these.
  9. Lamy Aion (via Anderson Pens). Anderson Pens has the new Lamy Aion in stock. I'm going to test this out eventually - I just don't know whether to go with the black or silver version. 
  10. Montblanc Great Characters "The Beatles" Fountain Pen (via Appelboom). I don't really know why I like this pen - it's definitely not my usual style - but it works. Appelboom offers the full Montblanc lineup, including their specialty nibs such as double broads and obliques. 
  11. Goldspot Pens Free Gift Promotion (via Goldspot). Order $25 or more, get a free Ohto Graphic Liner; Order $75 or more, get a free Sheaffer Ballpoint!
  12. Blackwing Volumes 16.2 (via Blackwing 602). Dedicated to Ada Lovelace, the "Prophet of the Computer Age," this pencil is a gorgeous matte black and white combination. 
  13. Write Notepads "Goldfield" Limited Edition (via Write Notepads). The team at Write Notepads always plays the limited edition subscription game well, and this winter entry is no exception. And bridge pencils! 
  14. Uni Style Fit Meister Multi Pen (via Amazon). A great multi pen that I've not had a chance to review because I thought I lost it, only to rediscover the pen in a jacket pocket. A huge range of ultra fine tip refills are available. The Uni refills are a bit longer-lasting than their Pilot Coleto or Zebra counterparts.  
  15. Bic Cristal Xtra Precise Stick Pen (via Amazon). I'm obsessed with these needle-point Bic Cristals. 
  16. Bic Cristal Fine - Orange Version (via Amazon). I still plan on ordering a box or two of these orange versions, which I believe is the European model.
  17. Taroko Design "B" Grade Tomoe River Notebooks (via Taroko Design/Etsy). Taroko design has discounted some of their Tomoe River A6 Notebooks due to minor cosmetic defects. Grab them while they last!  

UPDATE: Amazon has launched a new program that allows me set up a "store" page where I can maintain a list of recommended products and add new and interesting items as I come across them.  I'll add a permanent link in the future, but for now you can visit it here

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