Deals and Drops: The "Missing the LA Pen Show" Edition

Well, thanks to my work schedule I'm missing the LA Pen Show yet again. I've been meaning to attend for the past three years, but the stars keep conspiring against me. Here's a set of links, in which I've tried to pull together some eclectic, unusual, and, yes, expensive pens, many of which I had intended to hunt down at the show. Enjoy! 

  1. Lamy Limited Editions (via Pen Chalet). Pen Chalet has the new Lamy AL-Star Pacific Blue in stock, and the Lamy Safari Petrol pen and ink available for pre-order. 
  2. Sailor 1911 Fresca Blue Limited Edition. Sailor's new North American exclusive is available in both the 1911 Large and Standard size from most Sailor retailers, including Pen Chalet and Anderson Pens.
  3. Visconti Millennium Arc Moonlight (via Pen Chalet). Grab this limited edition, crescent-filler Visconti for 40% off.  
  4. Conklin Sleeve Filler (via Pen Chalet). I recently discovered Conklin pens, thanks to Ron at Pen Chalet loaning me one for review (which is coming). Conklin has been experimenting with vintage-style filling systems, including this sleeve filler that Ron has listed at 50% off. 
  5. Conklin Limited Editions (via Fountain Pen Hospital). FPH has some Conklin Special editions, including ebonite and Ambrosia celluloid versions of their Mark Twain Crescent Filler. Modern Conklin pens are made in Italy by Stipula, and some of their limited editions feature the same materials as Stipula's Etruria collection (with matching prices). 
  6. Machine Era Solid Brass Pen (via Massdrop). 
  7. Pelikan M205 Transparent Blue Demonstrator (via Pen Chalet). A great Pelikan special edition that I expect will disappear in the coming year (at least for a while). I regretted missing out on this one the first time it was discontinued. 
  8. Pelikan M805 Vibrant Blue (via Pen Chalet). Another excellent special edition that's probably not going to last long. 
  9. Elegant Utility Online Store Launches. You may recall that I reviewed the Pencil Crown by Elegant Utility, which manufactures brass writing tools and accessories focused on pencils. They were also kind enough to send me one of their Pencil Companions, which I will review and get up on the blog at some point.  
  10. Pelikan M200 Cognac Limited Edition Demonstrator (via Amazon). Once again, these continue to hang around. Grab them while stock remains.
  11. Pelikan Special Edition Mount Everest Fountain Pen (via Amazon). From a few years back. I've always liked this pen in the M600 size, especially its offbeat shape.  
  12. Pelikan Special Edition M640 Sahara Fountain Pen (via Amazon). I've not seen this one before. A similar shape to the Mount Everest Pen, with a color scheme you don't see often. 
  13. Pelikan M600 Vibrant Green (via Amazon). Another special edition that came out a couple years ago.
  14. Pelikan M605 Marine Blue Special Edition (via Massdrop). Probably my favorite of the Pelikan Special Editions from the last few years. 

Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links.