Deals and Drops: Midori Madness and a Big Baron Fig

I've recently moved over to the Midori Traveler's Notebook for my planning and organizing needs, in an effort to consolidate the ridiculous number of notebooks I've been carrying around into something more manageable. I'm still exploring the market out there for MTN accessories and mods - which seems infinitely more vast than when I last tried this out a few years back. I'll publish some more thoughts as I get deeper into this latest project, but this week's Deals & Drops includes a few things I've been spending my money on lately.

  1. Conklin Mark Twain Demonstrator with Rose Gold Trim (via Pen Chalet). A great price on a nice pen. Check out my review of a slightly different demonstrator version
  2. Conklin All-American in Tortoiseshell (via Anderson Pens). Price drop on what I think might be the prettiest material out of all the Conklin All-Americans.  
  3. Mad Discounts on Visconti Pens (via Pen Chalet). Pen Chalet has several Viscontis on clearance, including the Millennium Arc Moonlight, and the Opera Metal. These are going quickly and certain nib sizes are already sold out.
  4. Caran d'Ache Leman Fountain Pens (via Pen Chalet). It looks like there is only one color/nib size left on this stunning pen at a great price. 
  5. Tactile Turn Gist Fountain Pen (via The Sale Page). I'm selling a lightly used Tactile Turn Gist in Damascus Steel with a black steel nib at the substantially below-market price of $120 (shipping included), trying to clear out some surplus pens. This pen and a few other things are left - act quick! 
  6. Baron Fig Confidant in New Sizes! (via Baron Fig). Baron Fig recently announced that they are now selling their Confidant notebooks in the "Pocket" and "Plus" sizes. I'm very excited about the larger notebook, which will see some use. 
  7. CW Pencils Second Anniversary Discount (via CW Pencils). CW Pencils is running a 20% off sale with the code NOTTERRIBLETWOS, in celebration of their second anniversary of opening. Discount applies to certain products only (CWPE-exclusives).  
  8. Midori Traveler's Notebook (via Amazon). While I've been using the large size, there's also a passport/pocket version. In addition to the original Midori cover, there are various "Faux-Dori" covers that are available from a variety of sellers, including Galen Leather (which I've previously reviewed).
  9. Taroko Design Midori Traveler's Notebook Refill (via Amazon). Many thanks to Thomas Hall for introducing me to this brand making after-market MTN refills, including some featuring Tomoe River Paper (in different weights). They also make lots of other cool products, which I will likely be testing out in the future. 
  10. Midori Traveler's Notebook Repair Kit (via Amazon). I swapped an orange band onto my notebook. 
  11. Midori Traveler's Notebook Connecting Rubber Bands (via Amazon). One of the many ways you can stuff your MTN full of multiple notebooks and other accessories. 
  12. Book Darts (via Amazon). If you missed Wednesday's review, check out this cool product that I've been using a lot lately. 
  13. Levenger Page Nibs (via Amazon). If you're a true pen nerd, you'll skip the book darts and spend the extra money on these. Or just buy both like me. 
  14. Midori Numbered Brass Clips (via Amazon).
  15. Midori Bullet Pencil (via Amazon)
  16. Midori Brass Pencil Case (via Amazon).

Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links. Prices and availability are current as of the time of publication of this review.