Deals and Drops: Spring Cleaning, Figuratively and Literally

Retailers are still clearing out their overstock on many items, and I've been cleaning out my pen collection, since I've had way too many pens inked for review. This week I have, among other things, some links to some great clearance sales, as well as some recommendations for pen cleaning supplies.  

  1. Pen Chalet Clearance Sale. Ron continues to clear out some of his old stock across all pen categories. Some great deals here. 
  2. Parker Sonnet Great Expectations Special Edition (via Pen Chalet). As Parker moves into its new lineup of pens, it's discontinuing certain models, including the Great Expectations lineup. Read my review of the Great Expectations pens here.
  3. Delta Dolcevita Masterpiece Fountain Pen (via Pen Chalet). A good opportunity here if you're looking for a unique take on the Delta Dolcevita. 
  4. "Experienced Pens" and Writing Outlet (via Anderson Pens). You may not be aware that Anderson Pens has a section on their website for both gently used ("Experienced") pens, and a clearance section, both of which have great deals on pens, inks, paper, you-name-it.
  5. BioWorkz Artist's Edition Retro 51 (via Vanness Pens). Get these while you still can. The orange and blue model is already sold out as a stand-alone option, but you can still buy the set of two while supplies last.
  6. Kaweco Perkeo (via Appelboom). Kaweco's new entry-level pen is available for pre-order on the Appelboom website, and should be arriving sometime this month. That Black/Ochre color combination is stunning. 
  7. Bellroy Notebook Cover (via Huckberry). I'm loving my Field Notes Everyday Inspiration, but the gray/orange leather may not be for everyone. Huckberry has the Bellroy pocket notebook covers in different color options.
  8. Lamy Petrol Ink Cartridges (via Amazon). The Lamy Petrol ink is selling out quickly, including the cartridges. Grab them quickly if you want them. 
  9. Baron Fig "Experiment" Squire (via Baron Fig). I know, it sold out in under 24 hours, but everyone needs to take a look at this pen and see why it might be a good idea to subscribe to the "Squire" subscription service going forward. 
  10. Elegant Utility Pencil Accessories (via Etsy). Check out Elegant Utilities excellent brass and steel pencil accessories. I've reviewed their Pencil Crown here.  
  11. Monteverde 36 Pen Zippered Pen Case (via Amazon). I just picked one of these up because my pen storage situation (or lack thereof) is getting a bit out of control.  
  12. iSonic Ultrasonic Cleaner (via Amazon). It's something of a subject for debate in the pen community, but I use my ultrasonic cleaner all the time to extract that last little bits of residual ink from feeds and sections. I own this cleaner, which has worked just fine for me for years. 
  13. Ink Syringes and Bulb Syringes (via Pen Chalet).  These two types of syringes should be staples of your pen cleaning kit. I use both all the time. 
  14. Monteverde Fountain Pen Flush (via Pen Chalet). There are various brands of "pen flush" out there on the market, but I've found they all tend to work about the same. Some people claim to get the same effect by mixing a tiny bit of dish detergent into a large glass of water, but I've found pen flush effective. 
  15. J.B.'s Perfect Pen Flush (via Anderson Pens). Another great pen flush option. Just go ahead and buy the big bottle! 
  16. Magicforce 60% Mechanical Keyboard (via Amazon). I have a Magicforce Keyboard and I've been impressed with the insanely good value these mechanical keyboards offer. If you've been looking for an opportunity to try a mechanical keyboard but have been put off by the expense, give this a spin. (There's also a quieter version if you're looking for one with not-so-clicky switches.) 

Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links. Pricing and availability is current as of the time of publication of this post, and subject to change.