Deals and Drops: Disappearing Delta

Delta pens are becoming harder to find at pen retailers, and there's been speculation for a while now that the company has been having difficulties. If you've been looking to buy a Delta pen, I'd act now because the options out there seem few and far between. Personally, I enjoy Delta pens because I like their unique designs and materials (especially celluloid), and I've found most of them to be nice writers.  

  1. Delta Dolcevita Gallery Mid-SIze and Delta Dolcevita Masterpiece (via Pen Chalet). Ron has some reduced pricing on some newer versions of the Dolcevita model in interesting resins. 
  2. Delta Dolcevita, Journal, and Momo (via Anderson Pens). Anderson Pens has a pretty good stock of Delta right now, but based on what Brian and Lisa said on a recent episode of their podcast, this might be it.
  3. Delta Exclusives from Chatterley Luxuries (via Bryant Greer / Chatterley Luxuries). Bryant Greer has done many exclusives and limited editions over the years, including several with Delta. I have two of his celluloid Fusion 82 pens, which are personal favorites. He still has some of these pens in stock. 
  4. Miscellaneous Delta Fountain Pens (via Goldspot)
  5. Miscellaneous Delta Fountain Pens (via Fountain Pen Hospital).
  6. Pelikan M800 Renaissance Brown Special Edition (via Pen Chalet). This year's M800 Special Edition is a stunner.  
  7. Conklin Mark Twain Crescent Filler (via Pen Chalet). A nice price on a pen that surprised me a while back
  8. Baron Fig Vanguard "Clear Sky" Limited Edition (via Baron Fig). Baron Fig's newest limited edition Vanguard notebook is now available. It came in the mail while I was away, so I can't wait to check it out when I get home. 
  9. Franklin-Christoph Model 31 Omnis (via Pen Chalet). Pen Chalet's new exclusive by Franklin-Christoph is now available, with a black and bronze color scheme. 
  10. Delta Dolcevita Piston Filler with 14kt nib (via Amazon)
  11. Delta Unica (via Amazon).  
  12. Delta Journal in Matte Red-Green (via Amazon)
  13. Delta Sea Wood Fountain Pen (via Amazon)
  14. Delta Serena Fountain Pen (via Amazon)
  15. Delta Fusion 82 Fountain Pen (via Amazon)

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