Deals and Drops: New Releases Abound

Lots of new releases are in stock, including a new Raden Pelikan M800, this year's Pelikan M800 Special Edition, some Lamy Petrols in extra-fine (for now), and some new pens from Retro 51 and Taccia. Enjoy some weekend shopping, and if you're still looking, pick up a last-minute Father's Day gift! 

  1. Pelikan M800 Raden Royal Gold Fountain Pen (via Pen Chalet). No, seriously, if you have a couple grand to drop, this might be my favorite of all the Pelikan "Raden" pens. I'm glad to see they went with the M800 size this time.
  2. Dee Charles Designs Pen Carrying Cases (via Pen Chalet). Pen Chalet is now stocking these pen sleeves and notebook covers from Dee Charles Designs. Ron sent me one of the double pen sleeves to review, and the leather is soft while maintaining a rugged look. I have the black with red stitching. Review soon!
  3. Lamy Safari Petrol Limited Edition (via Pen Chalet). Looking for the newest limited edition Safari in fine, medium, or the now hard-to-get "extra fine"? Pen Chalet has them in stock. 
  4. Nui Nalu Fountain Pen (via Kanilea Pen Co.). I'm not sure if I've linked to this before, but Kanilea Pen Co. has launched a new model of fountain pen, the Nui Nalu ("Big Waves"). As always, its beautiful. 
  5. Taccia Spectrum Fountain Pen (via Anderson Pens). I had a chance to handle these at the Baltimore Pen Show a few months back, and they're beautiful, understated fountain pens with Sailor nibs. Brian and Lisa recently sent me a "Forest Green" model with a music nib to review, so stay tuned.
  6. Montegrappa Fortuna Silver (via Pen Chalet). Montegrappa has released a new version of their Fortuna pen in stainless steel, and it's beautiful, reminiscent of the Montegrappa Mule
  7. Retro 51 "Play Ball" (via Vanness Pens). The newest Retro 51 baseball-themed pen is out. Grab one while they last. 
  8. Retro 51 "Artist Series" Bioworkz Rollerball (via Vanness Pens). The Bioworkz Orange and Turquoise is now sold out, but there are still some sets remaining, as well as a handful of the Blue & Red pens that come with signed artwork. 
  9. Y Studios Fountain Pens (via Vanness Pens). Vanness is now stock the Ystudio portable and desk fountain pens, in both the "Classic" and "Brassing" models.
  10. Kyo-no-oto 02 Imayou-iro (via Vanness Pens). Otherwise known as the "best pink ink ever." 
  11. Iroshizuku Ink (via Amazon). A nice opportunity on a couple of my favorite colors of Iroshizuku Ink, including Tsuki-Yo, Asa-Gao, and Take-Sumi.    
  12. Tombow Zoom L104 Multi-function Pen (via Amazon). Thanks to Leigh for sending me one of these. It's a great multi pen, and one that's stayed off my radar until now.
  13. Tom Barrington Leather Pen Sleeves (via Amazon). Tom Barrington makes great leather pen sleeves, and the one I have has held up very nicely. Available in a range of different leathers from Crocodile Grain, to standard Ostrich or Stingray.    
  14. Leuchtturm 1917 Whitelines Link Back Color Notebook (via Amazon). Whitelines collaborates with Leuchtturm on a notebook; I can't believe I hadn't seen this before now.
  15. Say Nice Things Notebooks (via SNT Stationery). Check out these A5 notebooks from UK stationery company Say Nice Things, which I've reviewed in the past, as well as their new reversible "Flip Flop" pocket notebook.  

Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links.