Deals and Drops: You Should Shop Because I Can't

I'm not shopping because the D.C. Pen Show is in two weeks. I'm not shopping because the D.C. Pen Show is in two weeks. I'm not.... This is hard. There's a lot of new stuff coming out, and that new Kanilea is one of the hardest things I've had to pass up in a while! 

  1. Sailor 1911 Anchor Gray Fountain Pen (via Pen Chalet). Following on the heels of the Fresca Blue, Sailor will be releasing another North American Limited Edition 1911 in both the standard and large sizes.
  2. Platinum 3776 Shungyo Limited Edition (via Pen Chalet). Part of the Fuji Shunkei series, Platinum has released a dark red demonstrator with rhodium plated trim.
  3. Sailor 1911 All-Blue with Gold Trim (via Anderson Pens). A gorgeous navy blue Sailor that I've not seen before.
  4. Haleakala Silhouette Fountain Pen (via Kanilea Pen Co.). Kanilea has just released their latest model, and I think my D.C. Pen Show fund just got spent.   
  5. Pilot Iroshizuku Price Drops (via Vanness Pens). Vanness has dropped the price on Pilot Iroshizuku Ink to $25 per bottle. Iroshizuku Inks are excellent, and feature some of my favorite colors like Asa-Gao.
  6. Lamy Aion (via Appelboom). Lamy's newest pen model will be available soon from Appelboom. This pen sits at a fairly attractive price point, and it will be interesting to see how Lamy markets this one.  
  7. Rhodia Heritage Collection (via Anderson Pens). Rhodia recently released this new collection of sewn-spine books with new covers. I'll definitely be looking at these in DC as Rhodia paper is a favorite.
  8. Uniball Signo DX 19-Color Set (via Amazon). Apparently these are now being carried in Staples, but if you're interested in trying out the broad range of colors pick up a 19-pen set at a very good price. 
  9. Papermate Inkjoy Gel Pens (via Amazon). People complain about Papermate pens, but I've thoroughly enjoyed the past week or so with the Inkjoy gel pen. I've only tried the .5mm so far.
  10. Carl Angel-5 Pencil Sharpener (via Amazon). Back-to-school season is almost upon us again, and lots of people are in the market for pencil sharpeners (judging from how many people at work have asked me about this one). I'm actually surprised it hasn't walked off my desk. This sharpener puts the best all-around long point on a
  11. Arris Blocks (via Kickstarter). Cool idea for a desk toy! Thanks to Mike Dudek for bringing this to my attention. 
  12. Studio Neat Panobook (via Kickstarter). The Kickstarter will be closing in a week. Check out my review of the Panobook here
  13. Bellroy Leather Goods (via Huckberry). Bellroy is an Australian leather company that makes high quality wallets, notebook covers, and other assorted accessories. I highly recommend the Hide & Seek Wallet and their Notebook Cover.
  14. Microsoft Surface Keyboard (via Amazon). You all know I'm a keyboard junkie. If you're looking for a slim, low profile keyboard with better key travel than the Apple Magic Keyboard, I've been very happy with Microsoft's new Surface keyboard. 
  15. Restored Vintage Typewriters (via NashvilleTypewriters). Join me as I plunge into my newest analog obsession! Check out those custom painted Olivettis! 

Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links.