Deals and Drops: The Best Stealth Pens

The "stealth" pen - typically referring to a "blacked-out" all-black pen with black-plated hardware - has taken off in recent years, to the point where most pen brands now have at least one such entry in their product line. This trend peaked last year with the release of the Montblanc Meisterstuck "Ultra Black", which unfortunately is now being discontinued. Get them while you can! 

  1. Pilot Vanishing Point in Matte Black (via Pen Chalet). One of the best-looking Vanishing Points, IMHO. Also check out the Matte Blue and Gunmetal Gray, both of which have the matte black trim and nib.
  2. Montegrappa Fortuna in Black with Gunmetal Trim (via Pen Chalet). The Montegrappa black-plated steel nibs are very nice writers. I have one of the white pens with the ruthenium-plated trim, which I reviewed here.
  3. Faber-Castell e-Motion "Pure Black" (via Appelboom). Faber-Castell steel nibs are among the best, and this e-Motion pen is supremely comfortable to write with, notwithstanding its weight.
  4. Kaweco AC Sport Fountain Pen (via Vanness Pens). Not necessarily a "stealth pen" per se, but now Kaweco is fitting them out with black-plated nibs, which make the colors really pop. 
  5. Kaweco AL Sport "Night" Edition (via MostWantedPens). Kaweco needs to release this worldwide. As in, now.  
  6. Montblanc Meisterstuck Ultra Black Classique Fountain Pen (via Anderson Pens). As I mentioned above, the Montblanc Ultra Black collection is going away. Remaining stock is limited.
  7. Montblanc Meisterstuck Ultra Black 146 Fountain Pen (via Amazon). These are very few and far between. If you see one at a good price, go for it.
  8. Retro 51 "Deluxe" Stealth (via Vanness Pens). Probably the first "stealth" pen I purchased, and definitely the first one to catch my attention. A classic. 
  9. Diplomat Aero Fountain Pen In Black (via Appelboom). Diplomat has some of the best-tuned JoWo stainless steel nibs on the market. I love my matte black Aero
  10. Conklin All-American Brownstone (via Anderson Pens). Ok, a dark brown pen, but it has black trim, and the overall look is outstanding, especially in person. 
  11. Tactile Turn Gist All Zirconium (via Vanness Pens). Expensive, but if you want a black pen made from one of the coolest materials around, check this out.  
  12. Sailor Pro Gear Imperial Black (via Amazon). One of my favorite pens of all time. Pair it with the Imperial Black Multi-pen or Ballpoint for a great all-purpose daily carry. 
  13. Parker Premiere Monochrome Ceramic Black Fountain Pen (via Appelboom). Parker's updated line has surprised me with its vastly improved quality control. I need to check this one out. 
  14. Sailor 1911 Black Luster (via Pen Chalet). Featuring a black-plated 21k ion-plated nib similar to that on the Pro Gear Imperial Black.
  15. Conid Bulkfiller (via Conid). Conid offers some excellent black delrin and ebonite options with brushed titanium trim. I've owned a Bulkfiller Minimalistica in the past, and am in the process of saving up for the slightly smaller Slimline model.  
  16. Nakaya Portable Writer Sumiko Skull (via Ok, so while we're on the "dark" theme, why not go with the darkest pen of them all?         

Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links.