Deals and Drops: Aurora Minerali and More!

If you've had your eyes on the blue Aurora 88 Minerali, I can confirm that it's a stunner! Grab yours while stock lasts.  Same with the Platinum limited edition 3776 Shungyo, Delta Dolcevita Oversize, and more. Otherwise, there are lots of good odds and ends in this week's post. Happy shopping! 

  1. Pen Chalet Labor Day Sale (via Pen Chalet). Use the Code LABOR10 to get 10% off Pen Chalet's already great prices. 
  2. Aurora 88 Minerali Azurite (via Pen Chalet). Kenro Industries was kind enough to send me one of these to review, and the nib on this pen is fantastic. I may hold out for the purple or orange version, though. 
  3. Aurora 88 Orange Resin 88 with Flexible Nib (via Goldspot). The orange version of the Aurora 88 Anniversario is out. Between this and the yellow pen, I really hope they make these colored resins a permanent part of the 88 lineup. 
  4. Montblanc Antoine de Saint-Exupery Writers Edition Fountain Pen (via Appelboom). One of the first Writers Edition fountain pens that I've liked in a while. The ink looks good, too. 
  5. Delta Dolcevita Oversize (via Pen Chalet). Deltas will likely be gone soon from retail channels unless things change drastically (i.e., the brand gets acquired). Here's the Dolcevita oversize in the classic orange and black color scheme.
  6. Retro 51 Desk Set in White (via Vanness Pens). One of my favorite things that I saw at the 2017 DC Pen Show. These vintage-style Retro 51 desk pens are amazing. The Black Cherry is sold out, of course. 
  7. Pelikan M200 Smoky Quartz (via Pen Chalet). Pelikan's annual M200 release is in stock now!
  8. Montblanc Heritage Rouge et Noir in Brown (via Anderson Pens). Montblanc has added a new color to the Rouge et Noir collection, a nice vintage-style brown. This color looks absolutely amazing in person. 
  9. PIlot Custom Urushi (via Anderson Pens). Anderson Pens is stocking a new line of Pilot Custom Urushi pens, which recently hit their "Coming Soon" page. 
  10. Platinum 3776 Sai Limited Edition (via Amazon). I've been happy with the new Shungyo, and of course I'm now looking for any lingering stock of the other Platinum limited edition 3776 demonstrators. There's a few of the Sai hanging around, but no Shoji....
  11. Platinum 3776 Shungyo Limited Edition (via Pen Chalet). If you've been on the fence about this pen, buy it now! Hands down one of my favorite acquisitions this year, and it won't last forever. 
  12. Tombow Zoom L104 Multipen (via Amazon). A new multipen that I'm likely going to add to my Guide to Multipens / Recommendations at some point. Check out this week's review here
  13. Morning Glory .38mm Rollerball (via Amazon). Look for a review of these pens very soon - it's an outstanding liquid ink pen! 
  14. Kum Two-Stage Long Point Pencil Sharpener with Lead Pointer (via Amazon). I haven't seen this one "in the wild," but I love the Kum Long Points, and I've been using a lot of leadholders recently. 
  15. Pokka Pens Refills (via Pokka). You can now buy refills for your Pokka Pens! Just pull the refill out the front with pliers (or your teeth, your choice), and slide a new one in! Get 10% off your order with the coupon code GENTSTA!
  16. Leuchtturm 1917 Bullet Journal (via Amazon). I need to try this out - Leuchtturm is one of my favorite notebooks, and I've been using more of an improvised bullet-journal style to take notes.

Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links.