Deals and Drops: New Lamys, FPD Exclusives, and More!

This year's Lamy Studio Special Edition (Racing Green) and the Lamy aion are now available for pre-order at select U.S. retailers! Also, don't miss the new Fountain Pen Day collaboration with Ryan Krusac Studios on a special version of the Legend L-14 and L-16, with a portion of the proceeds going to charity. Finally, if you're lucky enough to be in a city with a Pelikan Hubs event, I hope you're attending tonight's festivities! 

  1. Lamy Studio Special Edition in Racing Green and Lamy aion (via Pen Chalet). This year's new Lamys are now available for pre-order from Pen Chalet. 
  2. Lamy Safari Petrol Fountain Pen (via Pen Chalet). If you missed out on the Lamy Petrol the first time around, it's still available in fine and extra fine nibs. It won't last forever. 
  3. Fountain Pen Day / Ryan Krusac Special Edition Legend Fountain Pen (via Ryan Krusac Studios). This special run of fountain pens is limited to 60 pens total - five per month over the next year. Get on the list NOW if you want one! 
  4. Kobe Inks in Stock at Anderson Pens (via Anderson Pens). The Andersons now have a limited selection of Kobe Inks in stock, with more color options on the way. 
  5. PenBBS Inks (via Vanness Pens). Vanness now has a new line of inks from China in stock, with a wide range of very reasonably priced colors. 
  6. Montblanc for Unicef Collection (via Appelboom). I now own two of the Montblanc for Unicef pens, and appreciate that these are special edition pens with an understated design. Check out the collection over at Appelboom, as well as my review of the Unicef Classique Doue here.
  7. Platinum Shungyo (Pen Chalet). If you have the opportunity, pick one of these up now! They won't last much longer. 
  8. Duncan Shotton "Planet" Push Pins (via Etsy). An incredibly cool stationery product that for whatever reason I've been obsessed with for the past few weeks.  Also check out the "Moon" Concrete push pin
  9. Goldspot Pens Pelikan Promotion (via Goldspot). Goldspot is still running their promotion where you can get free Edelstein ink with the purchase of a Pelikan fountain pen. Full details on the promotion is available in the sponsor post from last week.  
  10. Writing Starter Bundle (via Massdrop). If you're looking for a cool gift for someone just getting into fountain pens, or are testing the waters yourself, consider this Pilot/Rhodia bundle.
  11. Midori Traveler's Notebook Olive 2017 Edition (via Amazon). These are apparently more widely available now, and no longer commanding outrageous premiums. 
  12. Wacom Bamboo Slate Digital Notebook (via Amazon). Cool idea, but not sure that it's for me. This is certainly technology I'll be keeping an eye on, however. 
  13. Inventery Mechanical Pen (via Massdrop). Here's a chance to score one of the Inventery Mechanical Pens, which I reviewed last week, at a discount.
  14. Field Notes Dime Novel Edition (via Field Notes). The Fall quarterly release from Field Notes is out, and to be honest, while I appreciate what went into the cover, I'm going to pass on blank paper. 
  15. Bellroy Pocket Notebook Cover (via Huckberry). This notebook cover received a lot of use when I was traveling last week, and it's extremely well-made, like most Bellroy products. 
  16. Moo Softcover Journals (via Moo). To complement their line of hardcover notebooks, which I reviewed late last year, Moo has released a line of softcover notebooks that I should get a chance to review soon.  Stay tuned! 

Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links.