Deals and Drops: Leather Pen Cases and a Hidden Stash of L.E. Vanishing Points

I always revisit my pen storage solutions at the beginning of the year, as I decide what to keep and what to clear out of the collection. Like the rest of the pen industry, the market for pen cases has exploded in the past few years. There are great storage options of all sizes, and I've thrown in some links to leather notebook covers and other odds and ends, per the usual. Happy weekend shopping!  

Disclaimer: This post contains links to paid sponsors and affiliates.

  1. Limited Edition 2017 Pilot Capless Crimson Sunrise 2017 L.E. (via Paul's Paper & Pens). Paul informed me the other day that he has a relatively large supply of Crimson Sunrise limited editions in stock. As you may recall, these sold out very quickly when they were released earlier this year. Use the Coupon Code TGS20 to get 20% off your order, to boot!
  2. Pilot Yellow-Gold Decimo (via Paul's Paper & Pens). Paul is also selling this Pilot Decimo in yellow-gold, which is a color I've never seen before and apparently isn't yet available in the States.
  3. Dee Charles Designs Double Sleeve Pen Case (via Pen Chalet). One of the best two-pen leather sleeves on the market for the money. You can check out my review here. 
  4. Nock Co. Sinclair Pen Carrying Cases (via Pen Chalet). Pen Chalet has the coveted "Unicorn Snot" Sinclair carrying case in Spa Blue / Lime Green (as well as the Peacock Coal colorway). The Sinclair is currently my everday pen-toting option.
  5. Baron Fig Guardian Leather Cover (via Baron Fig). Baron Fig offers leather covers for their Confidant and Vanguard lines of notebooks. I have a "Plus" Confidant cover in the yellow, which is awesome. Look for a review in the coming months. 
  6. Baron Fig Lock & Key Squire (via Baron Fig). Check out the latest limited edition Confidant Notebook and Squire Fountain Pen from Baron Fig. I think this is one of their best yet!  
  7. One Star Leather Pen Sleeves (via One Star Leather). Looking for a great quality pen sleeve that's reasonably priced and comes in a variety of colors and leather types? Check out what Keegan has to offer at One Star Leather Goods. Keegan sent me the single pen leather sleeve in red and it's gorgeous. 
  8. Bellroy A5 Workfolio (via Bellroy). Many thanks to Bellroy for sending me one of these to review. (If you're curious, this is the portfolio that appears in the photographs of the Baron Fig Lock & Key.) You can find a wide range of Bellroy goods, including bags, wallets, and notebook covers, at Huckberry. 
  9. Pen Chalet Display Cases (via Pen Chalet). Pen Chalet carries a range of pen boxes from 8 Pen Display cases all the way up to a 6-level, 60 pen case. Their house brand is reasonably priced.
  10. Franklin-Christoph Covered Pen Tray (via Franklin-Christoph). Of all the pen storage solutions, this is my favorite. FC Covered Pen Trays are made from Franklin-Christoph's high-quality leather. I did a review a while back
  11. Nock Co. Seed A6 Journal Cover (via Vanness Pens). In addition to the regular Nock Co. case lineup, Vanness has the new "Seed" A6 notebook cover in stock. The Seed line is perfect for the Hobonichi Planner, and is available in either Steel/Silver Dust or Iris/Electric Blue colorways.
  12. Levenger "Point of View" Pen Case (via Amazon). Lots of people like Levenger's wood desktop pen box, lined in suede to protect pens from scratches.
  13. Montegrappa Fortuna Blazer (via Appelboom).  Preorder yours now! If you like the look of the Kaweco Lilliput Fireblue, but want the look in a bigger pen, check this out! I like what Montegrappa is doing with the Fortuna line.  
  14. Ateleia Pen (via Ateleia/Etsy). The Ateleia pens are gorgeous, and you know what? I just placed an order for one. Look for a review in the future. 
  15. Midori Cotton A5 Notebook (via Anderson Pens). I'm currently using a Midori notebook for planning / bullet journaling, but I find the paper a bit too slick for my taste. Midori also makes a series of cotton paper notebooks that have come highly recommended by friends.
  16. Conklin Mark Twain Demonstrator (via Pen Chalet). An often overlooked pen that Pen Chalet now has on deep discount.  
  17. Waterman Expert Matte Black Fountain Pen (via Amazon). I absolutely love Waterman pens, but they're getting few and far between these days as Waterman apparently reduces their line. 
  18. Waterman Charleston (via Amazon). I absolutely love the Charleston's art deco styling, and it's probably one of my favorite modern Watermans, design-wise. 
  19. Waterman Exception Slim (via Amazon). Waterman's former high-end pen that is, to my understanding, being discontinued.
  20. Platinum Shungyo (via Pen Chalet). Pen Chalet seems to have a few of these left, then they'll be gone forever. Alternatively, get your preorders in for this year's 3776 limited edition, the "Oshino."
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