Deals & Drops: Vacation Edition

As you might’ve guessed from a lack of new reviews on the blog, I’m on vacation this week. That doesn’t stop me from pen window-shopping, however. There are some great deals to be had this week, some of which are carry-overs from last week, and some of which are new. Look for things to get back to normal around here starting next Wednesday! (Note: Sorry for the bad Kaweco link in last week’s edition. It’s fixed, so please circle back and pay Pen Chalet a visit!).

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  1. New Esterbrooks In-Stock and Shipping! I picked up a Cobalt Blue model that I received before I left town, and these final production pens are every bit as well-made as the prototypes I saw at the D.C. Pen Show. Get yours from your favorite Kenro retailers, including Anderson Pens, Pen Chalet, and Vanness Pens.

  2. Deep Discounts on Aurora (via Vanness Pens). Check out the “Grandpa’s Basement” Section of the Vanness Pens website for some insane prices on the Aurora 88 Minerali limited editions and Optima Flex Pens.

  3. Robert Oster 1980s Colours Inks (via Pen Chalet). I love me some 1980s anything, and I can’t wait to hear the stories behind these colors/ink names.

  4. Pilot “Crossed Lines” 2018 Limited Edition Vanishing Point (via Anderson Pens). It’s caused quite a bit of controversy, but I actually like Pilot’s latest offering. Call me boring.

  5. Conway Stewart Pens (via Vanness Pens). It looks like Vanness has sold through much of their stock of Conway Stewart pens at recent pen shows, but a couple great colors remain in the “Model 100” size, which is my personal favorite. I’d recommend taking a hard look at both the “Nebula” and “Walnut” acrylics.

  6. Pelikan Special Edition M205 (via Pen Chalet). Pen Chalet has the Olivine M205 demonstrator in stock, including as part of a set that comes with the Edelstein Olivine Ink of the Year edition!

  7. Pelikan M800 Stone Garden (via Appelboom). Again, this might be my favorite special edition Pelikan has released in years. Could be this year’s Christmas present to myself?

  8. Pelikan M600 Vibrant Orange (via Pen Chalet). PLEASE do more with the M600 size, Pelikan. Like you did with this pen.

  9. Baron Fig Limited Editions at Vanness (via Vanness Pens). Vanness has a couple of the limited edition Baron Fig Squires and Archers available, including the Mysterium Squire (designed in partnership with Harry Marks) and the Elements Archer pencils (designed in partnership with Caroline Weaver).

  10. Taccia Inks (via Vanness Pens). Taccia’s new line of inks has hit the market, and so far I like the photos I’ve seen of these colors. I initially thought they might be kind of repetitive of colors already out there, but it looks like I’m wrong.

  11. Moonman Pocket Mini Fountain Pen in Pink (via Amazon). Looks like a new color Moonman pocket pen has launched!

  12. Moonman M2 Eyedropper in New Colors (via Amazon). The popular Moonman M2 eyedropper fountain pen is now available with different color sections, including purple, green, pink, and blue. Check out my review of the original here.

  13. Nanami Paper Cafe Note A6 (via Amazon). Nanami Paper has launched a A6 version of their Cafe Note notebook. I have the B6 size, which is great, but A6 should fit Hobonichi Planner covers of the same size.

  14. Taroko Design Enigma A5 Notebook with Tomoe River Paper (via Etsy/Taroko Design). Looking for a well-built, basic A5 Tomoe River notebook with a ton of paper? Check out Taroko Design.

  15. One Star Leather Goods (via One Star Leather/Etsy). Looking for a handmade leather cover for your A5 Notebook? Look no further than Keegan’s offerings at One Star Leather. He made me a cover for my Baron Fig Confidants that I absolutely love.