Deals & Drops: Stationery Stocking Stuffers

I’ve already touched on this idea in the 2018 Holiday Gift Guide, but I keep seeing items everywhere that would make great stocking-stuffer gift ideas for the stationery lover (or those people you’re looking to get into stationery). Most of the items featured here are relatively inexpensive, so they might also make good options for Secret Santa parties, etc. Happy shopping, and be sure to get those Christmas orders in soon!

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  1. Penwell and Solo Pen Stands (via Good Made Better). I can’t get over the Penwell - it’s the one accessory that I use on a daily basis, both at home and at work.

  2. Col-o-Ring Ink Testing Books and Col-o-Dex Rotary Cards (via Vanness Pens). An absolutely awesome gift idea for the ink-obsessed. If you know someone with a large ink collection, you can’t go wrong here.

  3. Journal Guides and Stickers from Leigh Reyes (via Vanness Pens). If you haven’t seen these, Leigh’s Journal Guides and Stickers would make great gifts for journalers!

  4. Pineider Snorkel Filler (via Pen Chalet). Count me as a fan! I’ve had good luck with Pineider’s new tool for filling converters without having to dip the nib of the pen, perfect for bottles with narrow openings or small amounts of ink remaining, or for pens made from materials that stain.

  5. Pineider Pen Filler Inkwell (via Pen Chalet). I just received one of these for review this week, and much like Visconti’s Traveling Ink Pot, it’s a handy little gadget for the fountain pen aficionado who spends time on the road and doesn’t want to carry full bottles of ink.

  6. Lamy 2000 Ballpoint or Four-Color Ballpoint Multi Pen (via Amazon). My top recommended pen gifts, especially for professionals. I’ve never had anyone come back dissatisfied with this as a gift recommendation.

  7. Retro 51 Tornado London Skyline Limited Edition (via Goldspot). Another one of the few pens that I recommend as suitable for a gift to “everyman/everywoman”. It’s hard to go wrong with a Retro 51 rollerball, especially if you can pair a specific edition to the recipient’s interest or, as here, hometown.

  8. Pretty Much Anything from Duncan Shotton Design (via Duncan Shotton/Etsy). One of my favorite Etsy stores for quirky stationery items like push pins, sticky notes, rainbow pencils, etc., especially if you appreciate travel and space themes.

  9. Skillcraft Ballpoint Fine Tip Refill (via Amazon). I finally broke down and ordered a box of these, after hearing stories of how people became obsessed with these ballpoints after using them for years in the military/other government service. It’s hard to find a fine-tip ballpoint, and these are pretty good!

  10. Kikkerland Retro Pens (via Amazon). Miss your classic-style Bic Clic? Check these out. I also reviewed them last week. Now apparently there’s even a “mini” version.

  11. Metallic Kikkerland Retro Pens (via Amazon). Same great vintage design, but with a higher-end look and feel of a metallic plastic.

  12. Blackwing Volumes Pencil Subscription (via Blackwing). Know a pencil lover? Send them a box of Blackwings quarterly!

  13. Ink Subscription Services. For fountain pen junkies, consider an ink subscription service or ink sampler! Appelboom’s “Inxperiment” and the “Ink Flight” from the folks behind Ink Journal are two options I’m aware of.

  14. Field Notes Subscription (via Field Notes). Want to get a gift for a notebook junkie (or turn someone into a notebook junkie)? Keep them stocked up year round!

  15. Calligraphy Books and Handwriting Guides (via Anderson Pens). A subtle (or, maybe not-so-subtle) way to tell your family or co-workers to improve their handwriting.

  16. Gift Cards! Last but not least, don’t forget that most pen stores, including blog sponsors Vanness Pens, Goldspot, Anderson Pens, and Appelboom, offer gift cards. This year, when family members asked me what I wanted for Christmas, I definitely went with the gift card option.