Deals and Drops: Ink Sales and Kickstarters to Kick Off The Weekend

There's a lot to sort through this week, with a big ink sale over at Pen Boutique (which apparently is closing one of its brick-and-mortar locations), as well as some excellent markdowns at Pen Chalet and a big new ink release at Vanness. Finally, this year's Pen Addict Live Kickstarter is up, with some unique rewards you'll definitely want to check out!

Disclaimer: This post contains links to paid sponsors and affiliates. Pricing and availability is current as of the time of publication of this post. 

  1. Pen Boutique Ink Sale (via Pen Boutique). It looks like Pen Boutique is running an ink sale through February 12, with many, if not all, inks marked down 20%. Some great deals, including Waterman and Sheaffer inks under $10 per bottle, and Aurora inks under $15 per bottle. Also, free shipping and a pen case with purchases above $50.
  2. Dingbats Notebooks (via Amazon). Recently the recipient of much attention in the Pen Addict Slack room, Dingbats notebooks have been around for several years, and Mohammed (the proprietor) has updated the line to include new colors and more fountain pen friendly paper. These are quality hardcover notebooks. (My review of an earlier version here.)  
  3. Conklin Pens Marked Down (via Pen Chalet). Pen Chalet currently has some excellent pricing on Conklins, including the All American (which looks great in the new "Brownstone" color scheme). 
  4. Platinum 3776 Oshino (via Pen Chalet). Pre-order your Platinum 3776 Oshino, the latest of the 3776 limited editions! 
  5. Platinum 3776 Shungyo (via Pen Chalet). The one that got me hooked on the Platinum limited editions. It looks like Ron has a couple left in stock, in fine and medium. 
  6. Aurora Talentum Full Black (via Pen Chalet). Another great looking pen that's currently available for pre-order. I saw this announced and have been waiting for it for some time. 
  7. Graf von Faber-Castell Classic Wood Macassar Fountain Pen (via Appelboom). On my list of acquisition targets for this year. I've never owned a GvFC, and I love the combination of dark trim with the wood and fluting here. 
  8. New Baron Fig Colors (via Baron Fig). Baron Fig has released all sorts of new colors recently, including a new Squire pen, a Pen Sheath, and Guardian leather covers in Rose Quartz! 
  9. Colorverse Inks Land Stateside! (via Vanness Pens). Vanness has the Colorverse inks in stock, though some colors have started to sell out.
  10. Sailor Inks (via Anderson Pens). Readers of this blog will know that Sailor inks are among my favorite, and Anderson Pens carries the full range, including not only their standard Jentle inks but the pigmented Storia inks and the recently released "Shikiori" seasonal colors.  
  11. Wing Sung 618 (via Amazon). I've been using this pen every day and really enjoying it. It holds a TON of ink, making it a great daily user that you don't need to worry about getting banged up at work. 
  12. Introducing the Bull & Stash Journals and Portfolios (via Bull & Stash). Bull & Stash recently released a new line of journals in two different sizes, as well as a larger portfolio. I have one for review, which you should see soon, and I like this format better than their previous MTN-style notebook. 
  13. "Stash" Notebooks by Bull & Stash (via Huckberry). Bull & Stash has taken their "Stash" notebook off their website, so if you think you might like one (and they're modifiable to hold MTN-style refills as well as the Bull & Stash notepad), you can still get them via Huckberry. I'm not sure whether they're being discontinued or just awaiting a new batch.
  14. Moonman M2 Transparent Eyedropper Fountain Pen (via Amazon). Come join me on my journey down the rabbit hole of Chinese pens! This is the latest order I've placed. 
  15. Lorelei and Wing Sung Pens (via Vanness Pens). Vanness has a small selection of Wing Sung pens and Lorelei pens, if you're interested in ordering these from a US based retailer rather than diving into one of the larger internet marketplaces.  
  16. Free Aurora Ink with Purchase of Aurora Ipsilon, Optima, or 88 Fountain Pen (via Goldspot). If you've been looking for an Aurora pen, take this opportunity to get yourself a free bottle of ink as well. Goldspot is also running some additional free gift offers with purchases over $49 and $99. 
  17. Monteverde 36 Pen Zippered Case (via Pen Chalet). Pen Show season is upon us! Take advantage of this current offer to grab one of these Monteverde 36-pen cases at a steep discount.
  18. Rotring 600 .5mm Mechanical Pencil (via Amazon). A great pencil, and one I recently rediscovered in my stash.  
  19. Wancher "Dream Pen" Kickstarter (via Kickstarter). The funding that this project has attracted has blown everyone away. Before you back, check out my thoughts on a prototype pen here.  
  20. Pen Addict Live 2018 - RelayCon Atlanta & Toronto (via Kickstarter). This year's Pen Addict Kickstarter is live, with some very unique rewards!