Deals & Drops: Vacation Edition, Part Deux

After a long wait and a couple manufacturing delays, the Aurora Talentum Full Black/Full Metal Black/"Black Ops" pen has finally landed and is available for purchase. I just got my shipping notification, so hopefully I'll have it in my hands once USPS delivers my post-vacation mail. Other items of note include several new Retro 51s, including a Pen Chalet exclusive, a new Montblanc ink, and a couple of new Kickstarters. 

Disclaimer: This post contains links to paid sponsors and affiliates. 

  1. Aurora Talentum Full Black/Full Metal Black (via Pen Chalet). The new blacked-out Talentum has landed and is available for purchase. Also called the "Black Ops" edition, this is a great looking pen! 
  2. Retro 51 "Argo" Edition, a Pen Chalet Exclusive (via Pen Chalet). Check out this new Retro 51/Pen Chalet collaboration, which takes "a futuristic twist" on a mythological story.
  3. Retro 51 "P51 Mustang" Metalsmith Edition (via Pen Chalet). WW2 history buffs will want to check out this new entry in the Retro 51 Metalsmith series. 
  4. New Etruria Pens from Stipula (via Pen Chalet). Stipula has released some new entries in its "Etruria" lineup, including an all black, durable "Gorilla" model, as well as a more classic-looking "Tortoise" model. 
  5. Baron Fig Squire "Mysterium" Edition (via Baron Fig). You all know I can't have too many Squires, especially where Baron Fig is designing them in conjunction with Harry Marks and releasing them in ORANGE! These would pair nicely with their new "Atomic" notebooks
  6. Safari Dark Lilac Special Edition (via Goldspot). In addition to this year's "All Black" special edition, Goldspot still has stock of 2016's Dark Lilac, as well as last year's Petrol edition
  7. Bexley Pens at Vanness (via Vanness Pens). Vanness has a steady stock of vintage-inspired writing instruments from Bexley, another U.S. pen company based in Ohio. Apparently they have something special in the works, so stay tuned....
  8. Montblanc Emerald Green Ink (via Anderson Pens). A new special edition color from Montblanc has landed!
  9. Pelikan Souveran Metal Striped M815 (via Appelboom). Pelikan's new M815 fountain pen has landed at Appelboom. I love the look of the metal stripes, reminiscent of the Stresemann, but with the metal lending the stripes a more pronounced look. 
  10. Field Notes Notebooks (via Paul's Paper & Pens). Paul still has a bunch of back-edition Field Notes in stock, as well as the standard Field Notes lineup. 
  11. KOSMOS Ink Magnetic Fountain Pen (via Kickstarter). From the makers of the KOSMOS ballpoint pen, you now have the KOSMOS ink fountain pen with a magnetic, self-aligning cap. 
  12. Prometheus Writes: Alpha Bamboo Fountain Pen (via Kickstarter). An interesting design concept from a well-regarded maker of EDC pens. the choice of the Pelikan Edelstein international long cartridge as the sole refill option is interesting. 
  13. Jinhao Shark Pens (via Amazon). One of the more unique stationery items I've been able to try out this year! These inexpensive pens are lots of fun to use, especially as ink testers and as an introductory fountain pen for kids. 
  14. The Swerve, by Stephen Greenblatt (via Amazon). I read this Pulitzer prize-winning history a few years ago, but picked it up again recently to read on vacation. Though the story itself focuses on the rediscovery of certain classic texts from antiquity, the book contains a lot of material on the history of handwriting and its importance during and in the years leading up to the Renaissance. A highly recommended read.