Deals & Drops: A Whole Boatload of New Stuff from Platinum, Goldspot, Colorverse, Pokka & More

I wasn't anticipating a the announcement of a new Platinum 3776 this week, or a new Retro 51 Skyline, or the ink collaboration between Colorverse and Opus 88 ....  The list goes on. Some of these are announced preorders for numbered limited editions, so at least get your name on the list so that you have the opportunity to decide whether to purchase once the pens are in stock. 

Disclaimer: This post contains links to paid sponsors and affiliates. 

  1. Platinum 3776 Kumpoo (via Pen Chalet). So I hear the name means "balmy breeze," but what has me intrigued is the texture on this pen. Last year's 3776 "Shungyo" was also a winner, and it's availability is getting scarce (Amazon link). This year's "Oshino" clear demonstrator is also still available (Pen Chalet)
  2. "Paris Skyline" Retro 51 Limited Edition (via Goldspot Pens). Goldspot is once again collaborating with Retro 51 on a new "Skyline" pen, this one featuring Paris. This pen also glows in the dark to simulate the skyline at night. 
  3. Waterman Expert Fountain Pen (via Amazon). Waterman discontinued it's "Phileas" fountain pen years ago, which was widely regarded as an excellent entry-level option. Someone asked me recently about a substitute in the current lineup. Probably the expert, which comes in a range of colors and price points. 
  4. Pelikan M205 Demonstrator (via Pen Chalet). This year's special edition M205 demonstrator is now available for purchase and immediate shipping! 
  5. Sailor Pro Gear Ocean (via Pen Chalet). The new translucent blue-green Sailor Pro Gear is also available for purchase, in standard, slim, and King of Pen size. 
  6. Pelikan M600 White Turquoise (via Pen Chalet). Pen Chalet recently received a second shipment of the M600 White Turquoise special edition. Once they're gone, this is probably it, from what I understand. 
  7. Colorverse + Opus 88 Ink Collaboration (via Pen Chalet). Colorverse has teamed up with Opus 88 to release a set of inks that corresponds to the acrylics in the Opus 88 line of Japanese-style eyedroppers. Given how impressed I've been with both of these companies lately, you can't really go wrong.  
  8. Montblanc Starwalker Ultra Black (via Appelboom). Montblanc continues its "Ultra Black" lineup, expanding into the Starwalker series. 
  9. Sailor Pro Gear Anderson Pens Special Edition Slate Blue (via Anderson Pens). The Anderson Pens special edition Pro Gear is available for purchase. Some nib sizes are already sold out, so if you're interested, you may want to move on this one. 
  10. Pineider La Grande Bellezza "Gemstone" Collection (via Vanness Pens). Vanness has the new Pineider lineup, the "Gemstone" pens, featuring a new soft nib that's supposed to offer some line variation. 
  11. White Wisteria with Silver Wisteria Roll Stopper by Yoshi Nakama (via 18111/Etsy). Yoshi Nakama makes intricate fountain pens using a combination of laser engraving, 3D printing, and hand-filling/painting. The results are stunning, and the pens have become even more intricate. 
  12. New Pokka Pen in "Digital Snow" Camo Pattern (via Pokka Pens). Pokka has a new design to kick off the summer. Will there be more on the way? Use the coupon THANKSDAD to save 15% off until June 17th!