Deals & Drops: Back to School and Back to Work

It's mid-August, and that means that almost everyone is already headed back to school, and for those of you who take an extended summer sabbatical, back to work. I'm probably showing my age here, but "back to school" season gets earlier every year, and lately seems to be creeping towards July. (I remember when it was basically blasphemy to talk about going back to school before Labor Day.) Anyway, this week's theme is "Back to School," with a focus on pens and stationery appropriate for students and the office! 

Disclaimer: This post contains links to paid sponsors and affiliates. 

  1. TWSBI 580ALR (via Amazon). I was among the first to roll my eyes at the idea of yet another TWSBI AL model, but man, does the nickel plating on this one look good. If you're looking for a school or work pen with large ink capacity to take notes, and that won't break the bank, consider TWSBI. (My review of the TWSBI 580 here.)
  2. Opus 88 Fountain Pens (via Vanness Pens). If you're an experienced fountain pen user and want to go with an eyedropper to maximize your time between refills, look no further than Opus 88. (Check out my review of the Koloro model here.) 
  3. Pilot Metallic Vanishing Point (via Pen Chalet). The Pilot Vanishing Point fountain pen can make a great work or school pen, and Pen Chalet has these metallic models on clearance at a reduced price. A great opportunity to pick one up.  
  4. Nemosine Singularity (via Pen Chalet). Nemosine makes a great entry-level fountain pen, and their new "Obsidian" and "Rose Gold" demonstrators look good, too. The price point won't have you too worried about someone swiping it.  (My review of the Nemosine Singularity here.)
  5. Faber-Castell Grip 2010 Fountain Pen (via Vanness Pens). Yes, Faber-Castell now has a "Grip" fountain pen to match your Grip pencils. These were popular at the D.C. Pen Show. 
  6. Leather Notebook Covers from One Star Leather (via Etsy/One Star Leather). Looking for a leather notebook cover custom fit to your favorite brand, that will hold up to the test of time and age gracefully? Check out Keegan's wares.  (My review here.) 
  7. Nock Co. Pencil Case (via Nock Co.). I love the yellow and pink (pencil + eraser) color scheme, which will make you feel like you're going back to school even if (like me) those days are long past. 
  8. Papermate Inkjoy (via Amazon). The retractable version of the Inkjoy gel pen has a spot on my desk at work pretty much all the time. The colors are nice, the ink dries fast, and the pen barrel provides a comfortable grip. (My review here.)
  9. Uniball Vision Elite Micro Point (via Amazon). What I would consider the best mass market disposable liquid ink pen out there. I prefer the "micro point" version. (My review here.
  10. Morning Glory Mach 3 Liquid Ink Rollerball (via Amazon). The pen for when you like the feel of a rollerball but need to write really, really small. (My review here.)
  11. Unison Composition Books (via Amazon). Sometimes you can find these in your local big box retailer, but if you can't Amazon carries them. The "Unison" brand composition books that I have are quite fountain pen friendly. Look for the paper made in Vietnam. 
  12. Waterman Fountain Pen Ink (via Vanness Pens). But what about ink for fountain pens? Waterman has long been a staple of the student/office crowd, due to its relatively low price point, safe formula, and ability to dry quickly and play nice with most papers. 
  13. Clairefontaine Notebooks (via Vanness Pens). Vanness carries the range of Clairefontaine paper, which is what I used in college and still use today for work. I recently reviewed the "French-ruled" version, which is not for everyone but a personal favorite of mine. 
  14. Stifflexible Notebooks (via Anderson Pens). Looking for a notebook with a fun cover that's still fountain pen friendly? Check out these Stifflexible notebooks, which can even "flex" a bit to help you cram them into your overstuffed work or school bag.  (My review here.)
  15. Pelikan M600 in Turquoise and White Gold (via Goldspot). Ok, not really a "back to school" option for most people, but I couldn't leave Goldspot's "Weekly Dip" price drop out of this set of links, since it's a great price on a great pen.