Deals & Drops: Dreaming of San Francisco, But Not Getting to Go :(

The big news headed into the weekend, of course, is the San Francisco Pen Show! If you can attend, don't miss it. Friday is also double points day over at our sponsor Pen Chalet, so any purchase you make receives double ink rewards points. Finally, Baron Fig released a new "Dream Journal" version of the Confidant, which has a really nice looking dark blue cover with a night motif. 

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  1. 2018 San Francisco Pen Show (via SF Pen Show). If any of you are even remotely close to San Francisco this weekend, consider visiting the Pullman Hotel San Francisco Bay for this year's San Francisco Pen show, featuring Vanness Pens, Anderson Pens, and many more!
  2. Krishna ink (via Vanness Pens). Well, we forgot the Krishna Ink in D.C., but hopefully it made it's way to San Francisco! Check out this super-sheeny, super affordable ink from India.  
  3. Montegrappa Monte Grappa Fountain Pen (via Vanness Pens). I've not been able to publish my review yet, but in person I've taken every opportunity to sing the praises of the Monte Grappa, a vintage-inspired piston-filler that features Montegrappa's new JoWo nibs. I prefer them to the Bocks, for what it's worth. 
  4. Diplomat Pens (via Vanness Pens). Since pen distributor Yafa has taken on Diplomat, the pens have become more widely available. Vanness carries the entire range, including this 
  5. TWSBI Go Fountain Pen (via Amazon). I've ordered two of the new TWSBI Go entry-level pens, featuring the "spring loaded piston filler". Available in both Sapphire and Smoke demonstrators. 
  6. TWSBI 580ALR (via Amazon). The TWSBI 580ALR fountain pen is the latest iteration of TWSBI's flagship fountain pen, the 580. The matte nickel gray trim is my favorite of all the "AL" series. 
  7. Pilot Metallic Vanishing Point (via Pen Chalet). Pen Chalet has been running a sale on these discontinued models of the Pilot Vanishing Point over the past couple of weeks, and is currently running low on their stock.
  8. Standard Stationery Ink Bottle and Pen Nib Paper Clips (via Pen Chalet). Looking for something to liven up your desk at work? I always am. Check out these paper clips shaped like fountain pen nibs and ink bottles. 
  9. Updated Lamy Studio Colors (via Appelboom). In addition to this year's Piano Black model (which is available with the excellent 14k nib), Appelboom has the new Lamy Studios available for pre-order in Olive and Terracotta.
  10. Pilot Custom Urushi Fountain Pen in Vermillion (via Anderson Pens). Pilot's ginormous custom Urushi Pen is also available in Vermillion urushi, which they've previously used on several Japan-only exclusives.  
  11. Parker, Sheaffer, and Waterman Specials (via Goldspot). This week's "weekly dip" features specials on the Parker IM and Urban, Waterman Hemisphere and Expert, and the Sheaffer Intensity. Some are fountain pens, some are ballpoints, but all are available a dramatically reduced prices. 
  12. Baron Fig Wander Dream Journal (via Baron Fig). Baron Fig's latest iteration of the Confidant is the "Wander" Dream Journal, which allows you "explore your dreams, write them down, and let them inspire your waking life."
  13. Pens from Yoshi Nakama (via Etsy/18111com). I once again had the chance to check out Yoshi's pens at the D.C. Pen Show (and Ana even bought one). All pens are handturned, then laser-engraved and hand-filled using a maki-e like technique. Some of the rollstoppers are amazingly detailed. 
  14. One Star Leather Goods (via Etsy/One Star Leather). Keegan makes great leather notebook covers and other accessories, and if you don't have one for your favorite brand of EDC paper, you owe it to yourself to check out his stuff. My review here.