Deals & Drops: Into 2019 We Go!

The first Deals & Drops of 2019 features some ongoing clearance sales, as well as some new (or at least late 2018) releases such as the Esterbrook Phaeton and the Platinum “Prime” 100th Anniversary Pen. Hopefully everyone has some gift cards or holiday money left over! Also, as I was finalizing this post, I stumbled across some Amazon sellers who appear to have some of the regional limited edition Kaweco Sports in stock. I’ve pulled these onto my Amazon Affiliate page under the “Limited Edition Pens” section so I didn’t have to list them all here. This isn’t necessarily a collecting interest of mine but I do know that a lot of people chase these. Happy shopping!

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  1. Aurora Optima 365 Cappucino (via Pen Chalet). Pen Chalet has the Optima 365 marked down to a very attractive price. The material is very pretty on this one.

  2. Stipula Fountain Pen Ink at 50% Off (via Pen Chalet). Pen Chalet is offering a large discount on Stipula ink, which I’ve never used extensively but have found to be very high quality if you enjoy more muted, vintage-style colors.

  3. Nemosine Singularity on Sale (via Pen Chalet). Want a high quality fountain pen at less than $10? Don’t miss this Pen Chalet deal, which I doubt will last very long as they appear to be selling out quickly.

  4. 25% off Leuchtturm Notebooks (via Vanness Pens). Looking to stock up on Leuchtturms for your bullet journals in 2019? Now’s the chance!

  5. Ink Clearance in Grandpa’s Basement (via Vanness Pens). Bung Box and Colorverse Inks are all marked down to some very attractive prices, and these two brands have some of my favorite colors available, Colorverse especially.

  6. Esterbrook Phaeton (via Anderson Pens). The new Esterbrook, brought back via Kenro, has introduced a lower-priced alternative to the Estie, the Phaeton. Anderson Pens have them in stock.

  7. Weekly Dip on Parker Urban Fountain Pen (via Goldspot). This week’s special is a deep markdown on the Parker Urban fountain pen.

  8. Special Offers on Faber-Castell and Pilot Pens (via Goldspot). Grab some freebies when you place an order for certain models from Faber-Castell and Pilot.

  9. Platinum “The Prime” Silver Limited Edition 3776 (via Appelboom). Certainly not inexpensive, but absolutely gorgeous if you’re a Platinum fan and want to get a pre-order in on Platinum’s 100th Anniversary. They’re doing the 100th Anniversary right, and I can’t wait to see what else they have in store for this year.

  10. Platinum 3776 Celluloid (via Appelboom). Many people know that Platinum is the “sister company” of Nakaya, but some don’t realize that Platinum has it’s own high-end range of pens in Celluloid, Makie, etc., including this gorgeous “Koi” celluloid pen. Other patterns are available as well.

  11. Schon DSGN Pens Special Pricing (via Huckberry). Curated retailer Huckberry has some excellent pricing on Schon DSGN pocket pens right now, in the aluminum, brass, and copper models. A great opportunity if you’ve been on the fence.

  12. Thunderbirds Special Edition Fisher Space Pen (via Huckberry). I’m excited to see Fisher coming out with more limited edition Space Pens, especially in the longer “Shuttle” or “Astronaut” models which remain my favorites.

  13. Leather Goods from the British Belt Company (via British Belt Co./Etsy). I’ve been thoroughly enjoying my leather notebook cover from the British Belt Co., and now they’ve apparently introduced flask covers and pen cases.

  14. Kaweco AL-Sport Taiwan Limited Edition Lilac (via Amazon). Wow, it’s rare that you come across these on Amazon, so act quickly to grab what’s apparently a Taiwan-exclusive.

  15. Kaweco Skyline Sport Limited Edition Rose Quartz (via Amazon). Another limited edition exclusive for Mainland China.