Deals & Drops: L.A. Pen Show Travel Edition

On the road again, to Los Angeles, for the first pen show of the year! (Well, at least for me, since I missed Philly.) I’m looking forward to catching up with everyone, since my life has been a pen show desert since D.C. last August. This week’s Deals & Drops highlights some of the things I’ll be looking for at the show this weekend. Current plan is just to look, no buy, but we all know how that goes at pen shows….

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  1. Aurora 88 Nettuno (via Pen Chalet). Aurora is getting ready to release the Neptune-themed “Nettuno,” the latest release in their line of special edition pens based on the Planets. Kenro typically has prototypes at shows, even if the pens aren’t for sale.

  2. Pelikan M101N Blue-Grey (via Pen Chalet). Another pen that I want to see in person before making a decision. I’d love to add a M101N to my collection, but is this the one?

  3. Pelikan M815 (via Pen Chalet). One of Pelikan’s 2018 releases that I’m still considering, as the understated look of this particular pen appeals to me and Pelikan’s metal-striped barrels are always really well-done.

  4. Colorverse Ink (via Vanness Pens). Vanness is making the cross-country road trip from Little Rock to the LA Pen Show, and I’m sure they’ll be bringing their “wall of ink” with them, including a selection of Colorverse sets.

  5. PenBBS Official Store (via Etsy/PenBBS). I’m hoping to see a PenBBS pen in person at the L.A. Pen Show. Some of their acrylics and other materials look interesting, but I’ve never written with one or even seen one in person.

  6. Sailor King of Pen (via Anderson Pens). Ok, I’m finally intrigued enough to check out Sailor’s K.O.P. series, and I’m sure Anderson Pens will have one or more at the Los Angeles show. I hear Sailor also sometimes appears with their own booth.

  7. Pelikan M120 Gift Set (via Goldspot). Goldspot is still running a promotion in which you can grab a significant discount on the Green-Black Pelikan M120. Check out my review of this excellent vintage-inspired pen here.

  8. Armando Simoni Club (via ASC Pens). Even though most of their pens approach (or exceed) the top of my price range, I love what they’ve done with old-stock Omas celluloid. This is always a fun booth to visit at a pen show!

  9. Leonardo Officina Italiana (via Bittner Pens). Bittner carries the Leonardo Momento Zero (along with a selection of ASC Pens), and I hope they have them in L.A. I’d like to see some of these resin/steel Momento Zero pens in person.

  10. Pelikan M1005 Stresseman (via Appelboom). This is more like wishful thinking, since I don’t think these have been released yet, but I can always hope!

  11. Sailor Pro Gear Cocktail Tequila Sunrise (via eBay). One of the reasons I want to go to the L.A. Pen Show is because of all the special and limited edition Japanese pens that tend to appear at that show. I’d love to snag a Tequila Sunrise right now (and I’m only partly referring to the pen).

  12. Bellroy Classic Pouch (via Amazon). My absolute favorite travel accessory that is currently sitting beside me in the airport lounge. Highly practical, and it looks great to boot.