Deals & Drops: Coupon Code for 20% Off Monteverde Ink from Vanness Pens

Many thanks to Lisa at Vanness Pens for offering my readers an exclusive coupon code that lets you grab 20% off purchases of Monteverde Ink! With the discount, you can snag a 90ml bottle of any of Monteverde’s great colors for just under $11. This week’s Deals & Drops also features some of the items I scored at this year’s L.A. Pen Show, as well as some limited regional and store-exclusive pens from overseas that are popping up online. Happy shopping!

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  1. 20% Off Monteverde Ink Using the Coupon Code TGS20 (via Vanness Pens). The ink van came home from LA with a TON of Monteverde Ink in tow, and at least for now I can offer you this exclusive promotional offer using my coupon code. Thanks Lisa!

  2. Vanness “Pinnacle” Fountain Pen by Newton Pens (via Vanness Pens). The Vanness/Newton Pens collaboration was a huge hit at the L.A. Pen Show, and it’s been fun watching everyone post their new purchases on Instagram!

  3. Colorverse Inks on Sale (via Vanness Pens). It’s time to make room for the new “Season 5” that’s on its way soon! Vanness has the previous seasons of Colorverse marked down to make room.

  4. Colorverse “The Standard Model Set” (via Pen Chalet). This is a cool idea, if a little pricey. The set contains 17 mini bottles of ink that represent the “building blocks” of matter.

  5. Sailor Pro Gear Slim Kohaku Yellow Demonstrator (via Pensachi/eBay). Wow. I love yellow pens, especially demonstrators, and have never seen this one before.

  6. Sailor Limited Edition 55th Tatsunoko Production Profit Standard (via Pensachi/eBay). Another Japanese exclusive where Sailor is collaborating with another brand. I love the red/orange accent at the top of the cap.

  7. Platinum 3776 Celluloid “Karakusa” (via Anderson Pens). One of the best pen show purchases that I’ve made in a long time. The engraving work on this pen is absolutely beautiful, in one of my favorite form factors.

  8. Desiderata Soubriquet (via Desiderata Pens/Etsy). I’ve really enjoyed using the Soubriquet that I picked up at this year’s L.A. Pen Show. Pierre’s pens now have a vacuum-filling system, and can be fitted with either a Zebra G calligraphy flex nib or a standard JoWo nib.

  9. Kaweco Skyline Sport Serenity Blue (via Amazon). A limited edition intended for release in China, now available via Amazon.

  10. Kaweco Skyline Sport Lagoon Blue (via Amazon). Another limited edition that I believe may have been made for China or Hong Kong. A pretty color that was in demand for a while.

  11. Kaweco AL Sport Lilac Limited Edition (via Amazon). If you insist on “catching ‘em all,” you may be willing to pay the premium for this uncommon Lilac AL Sport.

  12. Goldspot’s Weekly Dip Special (via Goldspot). This week Goldspot has some price reductions on OMAS ballpoints, some Delta Pens, and a bunch from Franklin-Covey and Waterford.