Deals & Drops: New Sailors Pro Gear Slim, Inexpensive Pens You Ought to Know, and More

This week Sailor released their follow-up to the Purple Cosmos Pro Gear Slim, Lamy Crystal inks hit store shelves, and I received my KACO pens in the mail, which I’ve been enjoying immensely. (Look for a quick review/first thoughts on those soon.) There’s plenty of other good stuff this week, including the super-luxury Platinum Century Limited Edition that Dan Smith now has in stock!

Happy Shopping, and don’t forget to enter the current giveaway for a Baron Fig Brass Squire!

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  1. Lamy Crystal Inks (via Vanness Pens). Vanness now has some of the Lamy Crystal inks. For those of you who’ve been waiting for Lamy to (permanently) expand their color selection, the wait is over.

  2. 40% Off Pineider Pens (via Vanness Pens). No coupon code needed! Vanness is offering 40% off all Pineider pens, which is an incredible opportunity to pick up one of Pineider’s Quill nibs. Check out my review here.

  3. KACO Edge Fountain Pen (via Amazon). I’m amazed at how good KACO fountain pens are, especially at this price point. I ordered a KACO Edge after holding one at the Arkansas Pen Show, and this is the first non-Lamy 2000 Makrolon pen that I’ve liked.

  4. KACO Retro Fountain Pen (via Amazon). Yet another excellent inexpensive pen from KACO, this time with a hooded nib and a vintage-inspired design (hence the name).

  5. Platinum Century Limited Edition (via The Nibsmith). Dan now has BOTH of the Platinum 100th Anniversary pens in stock, in both solid platinum and solid silver.

  6. Sailor Pro Gear Slim Purple Cosmos (via The Nibsmith). The last batch is in stock! Get yours now because Sailor is moving on to new colors.

  7. Sailor Pro Gear Slim Supernova (via Pen Chalet). On the heels of the Pro Gear Slim Purple Cosmos, Sailor has released the Supernova, a pen featuring a sparkly red resin.

  8. Pen Chalet Pen Display Cases (via Pen Chalet). These cases are a great value, and come in either 10 pen or 20 pen options. They’re currently on sale!

  9. Aurora Optima Blue Auroloide (via Anderson Pens). A great opportunity here from Anderson Pens on a gently used Aurora Optima. It’s from Anderson Pens, so you’ll know it’s reliable and in good condition.

  10. Goldspot Weekly Dip Special Lamy Safari Set (via Goldspot). This week Goldspot is offering a great price on a Lamy Safari set complete with Lamy’s new Bronze ink!

  11. Penlux Snake Pen (via The Pen Show). Ana picked one of these up at the Arkansas Pen Show, and it looks really good. It also costs much less than an early 1990s MB Agatha Christie.

  12. Leonardo Momento Zero Sea Stone ST Fountain Pen (via Appelboom). I finally have my “Sea Stone” Leonardo Momento Zero in hand and its everything I thought it would be! Just be aware the stub is 1.5mm, which is pretty broad though it is smooth.

  13. Desiderata Pens Soubriquet (via Desiderata Pens/Etsy). If you’ve been on the fence about a Desiderata, having heard about the need to tinker with the flexible Zebra G calligraphy nib, consider the Soubriquet, which I reviewed recently and can be fitted with a JoWo No. 6 nib.

  14. Yoshi Nakama Pens (via 18111com/Etsy). These 3D printed and inlaid pens get more intricate every time I see them. This year will be the year I pick one up.

  15. Bellroy Products from Huckberry (via Huckberry). Bellroy is one of my favorite “everyday carry” companies, making a wide range of goods from bags to wallets to folios to utility pouches. Read about one of my favorite travel items here.