Deals & Drops: Rounding Up All The New Things

We’re getting ready to hit the summer doldrums shortly, with many people (including myself) heading off on a much-needed vacation later this month. Typically nothing truly “new” hits the shelves during this time, but I thought I’d round up some of my favorites that have been released so far in 2019. Happy shopping!

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  1. Sailor Pro Gear Graphite Lighthouse (via The Nibsmith). Another pen that’s appeared on my list. I don’t have any gray pens in my collection, and the clear finial really lends this North American exclusive a unique look.

  2. Aurora Internazionale (via Vanness Pens). In my opinion, one of the prettiest special edition pens that Aurora has released in a long time. Both the design and material scream vintage, with a lot of depth to the blue marbled auroloide.

  3. Aurora Optima 365 Coral Red (via The Nibsmith). Another excellent release from Aurora with another cool material that exudes a vintage vibe.

  4. Taccia Spectrum Mosaic Umber (via Vanness Pens). I’m glad to see that Taccia is starting to expand the “Spectrum” lineup, including this more traditional tortoiseshell acrylic. I enjoyed reviewing the Spectrum a few years back - they feature Sailor nibs - but I never purchased one because the materials didn’t speak to me. This one does.

  5. Pilot Iroshizuku 100 Year Anniversary Set (via Anderson Pens). Can’t decide between any of the 100th Anniversary Iroshizuku Inks? Buy ‘em all! Well, at least small 15ml bottles of them all.

  6. LOCLEN Electa Fountain Pen (via Pen Chalet). This unique pen from Italy is worth checking out if you appreciate unique industrial-looking designs. The pen features an integrated converter that operates by way of a knurled band at the back.

  7. Retro 51 “Stan” Ice Hockey Rollerball (via Goldspot). Following their tradition of releasing a sports-themed pen into the lineup, Retro 51 has moved onto Hockey. As a hockey fan (Yeah Preds) this might make its way into my collection.

  8. Visconti Homo Sapiens Magma (via Pen Chalet). The latest rendition of the Homo Sapiens comes in black with red trim. I initially didn’t think I’d like it, but the color combination is growing on me, especially with the ruthenium-plated nib.

  9. TWSBI Eco in Transparent Orange (via Amazon). The latest special edition ECO is a beauty. You can check out my recent review here.

  10. Lamy Pastel Safaris (via Pen Chalet). I’m all in on the light blue version, and the green’s nice too. The pink isn’t my thing.

  11. PenBBS Store (via PenBBS/Etsy). I’m eagerly awaiting some PenBBS pens in the mail, including a double-ended eyedropper, a vacuum filler, and their version of the bulkfiller. Stay tuned for extended reviews, but they’re so inexpensive why not pick up a few wild acrylics and test them out?

  12. Pelikan M101N Grey-Blue (via Appelboom). Easily my personal favorite of the 2019 Pelikans, after seeing this one in person. Granted, I haven’t seen the M1000 Stresemann yet, but this year’s M101N is at the top of the list for my annual Pelikan purchase.

  13. Lamy Bronze AL-Star (via Pen Chalet). Since I’m all-in on Team Safari, I probably won’t be picking up this AL-Star, but I’m at least glad to see it’s not a neon color.

  14. Lamy Bronze Ink (via Vanness Pens). If you’re looking for an orange Lamy ink, check out the matching “Bronze” ink.

  15. Postmark’d Stationery Subscription Box (via Postmark’d). Postmark’d is a stationery subscription service for snail mail enthusiasts, that allows you to get a monthly delivery of cards, etc. to send to your pen pals! Check the sidebar for a coupon code that will get you a discount off of your first box.