Deals & Drops: L.A. Pen Show Travel Edition

On the road again, to Los Angeles, for the first pen show of the year! (Well, at least for me, since I missed Philly.) I’m looking forward to catching up with everyone, since my life has been a pen show desert since D.C. last August. This week’s Deals & Drops highlights some of the things I’ll be looking for at the show this weekend. Current plan is just to look, no buy, but we all know how that goes at pen shows….

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  1. Aurora 88 Nettuno (via Pen Chalet). Aurora is getting ready to release the Neptune-themed “Nettuno,” the latest release in their line of special edition pens based on the Planets. Kenro typically has prototypes at shows, even if the pens aren’t for sale.

  2. Pelikan M101N Blue-Grey (via Pen Chalet). Another pen that I want to see in person before making a decision. I’d love to add a M101N to my collection, but is this the one?

  3. Pelikan M815 (via Pen Chalet). One of Pelikan’s 2018 releases that I’m still considering, as the understated look of this particular pen appeals to me and Pelikan’s metal-striped barrels are always really well-done.

  4. Colorverse Ink (via Vanness Pens). Vanness is making the cross-country road trip from Little Rock to the LA Pen Show, and I’m sure they’ll be bringing their “wall of ink” with them, including a selection of Colorverse sets.

  5. PenBBS Official Store (via Etsy/PenBBS). I’m hoping to see a PenBBS pen in person at the L.A. Pen Show. Some of their acrylics and other materials look interesting, but I’ve never written with one or even seen one in person.

  6. Sailor King of Pen (via Anderson Pens). Ok, I’m finally intrigued enough to check out Sailor’s K.O.P. series, and I’m sure Anderson Pens will have one or more at the Los Angeles show. I hear Sailor also sometimes appears with their own booth.

  7. Pelikan M120 Gift Set (via Goldspot). Goldspot is still running a promotion in which you can grab a significant discount on the Green-Black Pelikan M120. Check out my review of this excellent vintage-inspired pen here.

  8. Armando Simoni Club (via ASC Pens). Even though most of their pens approach (or exceed) the top of my price range, I love what they’ve done with old-stock Omas celluloid. This is always a fun booth to visit at a pen show!

  9. Leonardo Officina Italiana (via Bittner Pens). Bittner carries the Leonardo Momento Zero (along with a selection of ASC Pens), and I hope they have them in L.A. I’d like to see some of these resin/steel Momento Zero pens in person.

  10. Pelikan M1005 Stresseman (via Appelboom). This is more like wishful thinking, since I don’t think these have been released yet, but I can always hope!

  11. Sailor Pro Gear Cocktail Tequila Sunrise (via eBay). One of the reasons I want to go to the L.A. Pen Show is because of all the special and limited edition Japanese pens that tend to appear at that show. I’d love to snag a Tequila Sunrise right now (and I’m only partly referring to the pen).

  12. Bellroy Classic Pouch (via Amazon). My absolute favorite travel accessory that is currently sitting beside me in the airport lounge. Highly practical, and it looks great to boot.

Deals & Drops: New Materials from Leonardo Pens, Return of the S.I.G. Nib, and More!

I’m glad to see things are starting to pick up a bit on the new release front, with Leonardo Pens announcing a new material for their “Momento Zero” pen, Pelikan announcing a new M101N, a new book from Cal Newport and more! On the horizon (maybe for next week?) is a new season of Mars-themed inks from Colorverse! Happy shopping!

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  1. Opus 88 Koloro Demonstrator (via Pen Chalet). The large Opus 88 transparent demonstrators are now available in gray, orange, and red, with a stub nib option! Check out my review here.

  2. Wancher True Ebonite “Dream” Fountain Pen (via Pen Chalet). Many of you are still waiting for your urushi Kickstarter rewards to arrive, but the ebonite version of the “Dream Pen” has already hit stores.

  3. “Final Drop” Offerings (via Pen Chalet). I wasn’t aware of this until recently, but Pen Chalet has introduced a new section of their website that features all sorts of open-box deals and greatly reduced pricing.

  4. “Grandpa’s Basement” Specials (via Vanness Pens). There are only two Aurora 88 Minerali pens and three Optima flex pens remaining on clearance! Don’t miss your chance to pick up one of these pens at a steep discount. I love the Minerali I purchased late last year, and you can read a review I did of one of these pens here.

  5. Conway Stewart Pens (via Vanness Pens). We’re headed into pen show season, and Vanness has Conway Stewart pens back in stock but who knows for how long. They even have one of the Honey Noire pens that I reviewed a while back.

  6. Franklin-Christoph S.I.G. Nibs Now Available! (via Franklin-Christoph). It’s absolutely wonderful to see Jim Rouse’s creation, the Stub Italic Gradient (S.I.G.) nib, back in the hands of Audrey Matteson! They’re available for purchase now, either separately or on a new pen.

  7. Sailor King of Pen Fountain Pen (via Anderson Pens). The team at Anderson Pens has one of the largest selections of the Sailor King of Pen models out there, including the recently released “Tangerine” and “Fresca” models.

  8. New Pelikan Releases from Appelboom (via Appelboom). Looking to pre-order the new Pelikan M101N Grey-Blue or the Pelikan M1005 Stresemann? Appelboom has great prices and quick shipping.

  9. Pelikan M120 Weekly Dip (via Goldspot). Goldspot is running a deal this week on the black and green Pelikan M120, at a LOW price with a special “historic label” bottle of Pelikan Blue Ink. You can check out my review of the M120 here.

  10. Leonardo Momento Zero in Pietra Marina (“Sea Stone”) Resin (via Pen-Venture). You’ll be seeing a lot of Leonardo Pens on the blog this year, and the latest version of the Momento Zero is absolutely gorgeous.

  11. Golden Falling Sakura on Bonfire with Gold Sakura Branch (via 18111com/Etsy). Ok, now these pens from Yoshi Nakaya are just getting ridiculous, in a good way!

  12. ATELEIA Pens (via ATELEIA/Etsy). Love the Hi-Tec-C or the Energel, and want a great modern-looking pen body? ATELEIA Pens get rave reviews.

  13. Digital Minimalism: Choosing a Focused Life in a Noisy World (via Amazon). Cal Newport’s latest book was an insta-buy for me, and I can’t wait until I get my hands on it tomorrow.

  14. Curated EDC Pens and Accessories (via Huckberry). Retailer Huckberry has refreshed their pen and paper selection, and now offers a range of interesting options from brands such as Inventery, the James Brand, Field Notes, Bellroy, and more!

Deals & Drops: New All-Black Pens and a Conway Stewart Restock

The all-black version of the Aurora 88, the Unica Nera, has landed! Also, Vanness has more of the Conway Stewart Model 100s in Honey Noire Acrylic in stock, and Pen Chalet has deep discounts on some high-end pen storage. As always, there’s a mix of other stuff thrown in, including some limited edition Musubi journals. Happy shopping!

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  1. Aurora 88 Unica Nera Fountain Pen (via Pen Chalet). For all of you who passed on the Aurora 88 Satin Black because you didn’t want gold trim, here’s the pen for you! I received one for review and will be posting my thoughts in the next few weeks.

  2. Conway Stewart Model 100 in Honey Noire Acrylic (via Vanness Pens). After being out of stock for some time, Vanness has more Conway Stewarts in stock in the Honey Noire Acrylic. This material is one of my favorites of all time, and you can check out my review of this pen here.

  3. Esterbrook Estie in Evergreen Acrylic (via Pen Chalet). The fifth color Estie (a dark green) comes in gold or silver trim - I’m not sure there’s a version I don’t like of this pen.

  4. Pen Chalet 10 Pen and 20 Pen Display Cases. Very attractive pen storage options are now on deep discount. If you’d like to add some attractive desktop storage at a reasonable price, you won't want to miss these.

  5. Lamy Vibrant Pink Limited Editions (via Pen Chalet). Pen Chalet is discounting remaining Lamy “Vibrant Pink” pens and ink to make room for the upcoming annual limited edition (bronze?). I’ve enjoyed the Vibrant Pink bottled ink.

  6. Sailor Bespoke King of Pen Urushi (via Anderson Pens). Want some eye candy for the weekend? Check out Sailor’s Bespoke limited editions!

  7. Pens and Leather Goods from ATELEIA Craft + Design (via Etsy/ATELEIA). If you’re looking for a classy, modern pen body for your Pilot Hi-Tec-C or Pentel Energel refill, check out the offerings from ATELEIA in brass, stainless steel, and copper. They also have leather goods.

  8. One Star Leather Cover for Baron Fig Confidant (via Etsy/One Star Leather). There’s at least one of these Baron Fig Confidant covers available in harness leather, and I can vouch that they’re gorgeous and durable. Check out my review here.

  9. Free Faber-Castell Gift Offer (via Goldspot). Get a free Faber-Castell gift with the purchase of any Loom, e-Motion, or Ambition writing instrument. Check out these and other offers here.

  10. Special Edition Hardbound Journals from Atelier Musubi (via Musubi). Daryl and his team have released a new series of A5 Special Edition bound journals, and they’re beautiful, as always.

  11. KACO Retro Fountain Pen Set (via Amazon). So these are the newest Chinese fountain pens that everyone’s been raving about. I haven’t had a chance to check them out but probably will this year.

  12. KACO Sky II (via Amazon). Another KACO, a bit higher-end, in anodized aluminum. I have a Sky I and it’s an excellent writer.

Deals & Drops: New King of Pen Models More Widely Available, Ink Sales, and More!

A bit of a slow week in terms of new releases, but the new Sailor King of Pen models in Fresca Blue and Mandarin Orange appear to be getting a widespread release, and there are still some deals to be had on Colorverse and Bung Box as retailers look to reduce their stock, presumably to make room for new colors this year. Happy shopping!

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  1. Sailor King of Pen in Orange and Fresca Blue (via Pen Chalet). Pen Chalet has the new Sailor King of Pen models in stock, available for what I believe is the first time in last year’s North American exclusive colors. If you’ve been saving up for a splurge, this might be it.

  2. Pen Chalet Display Cases (via Pen Chalet). Ron has his Pen Chalet branded display cases on sale, in both 10 pen and 20 pen capacity. A great way to display your collection if you are looking for more storage, and it looks like these are on clearance so grab one while you can.

  3. Esterbrook Estie (via Pen Chalet). The newest Esterbrook is now available in a fourth color, Evergreen, with both chrome and steel trim options. Check out my review of the Estie here.

  4. Colorverse Ink on Sale (via Vanness Pens). Vanness has all of the great colors from Colorverse on sale!

  5. Bung Box Ink on Sale (via Vanness Pens). Now’s a good opportunity to grab multiple Bung Box inks at a reduced price, along with other markdowns on pens and more, in the “Grandpa’s Basement” section of the website.

  6. Pelikan M1005 Stresemann (via Appelboom). Appelboom has great pricing on the latest edition of the “Big Bird” in the Pelikan lineup. This may be the year I add a M1000-size pen.

  7. Diplomat Aero in Red (via Anderson Pens). Don’t miss your opportunity to grab this special color for Anderson Pens.

  8. Free Commemorative 100th Anniversary Chopsticks with Purchase of Pilot “Crossed Lines” Vanishing Point (via Goldspot). Odd way to commemorate last year’s hundredth anniversary, but you can’t say Pilot did nothing!

  9. Italian Leather Notebook Cover (via British Belt Company/Etsy). I’m loving my leather notebook cover from British Belt Co.! I opted for the burgundy, and it’s really nice, soft pebbled leather. Check out my full review here.

  10. “The Last Leaf Crescent Moon and Crimson” Fountain Pen (via 18111com/Esty). Wow, this pen by Yoshi Nakama hits everything I look for in a custom fountain pen, from the color scheme to the motif to the bronze roll stopper. Something I’ll be looking for in D.C. this year.

  11. Moonman M2 Eyedropper Fountain Pen (via Amazon). I’m continually amazed at how good the nib on my Moonman M2 is, despite owning so many pens much more expensive than this one. Now available with different color metallic sections, in in both .5mm and .38mm nibs. Check out my review here.

  12. Pineider Snorkel Filler (via Pen Chalet). If you primarily use cartridge converter pens, you may not need a traveling inkwell to help you get the last 1/3 of an ink bottle into your pen. I’ve also been enjoying this little accessory.

Deals & Drops: A New Esterbrook, Limited Edition Pro Gears, and Newton Pens Production Line

Things in the pen world are finally starting to kick off for 2019. Last week we had the Philadelphia Pen Show, which saw the launch of the Newton Pens/Vanness Pinnacle, as well as a new color Estie from Esterbrook! I’ve also managed to unearth some links to a few limited edition Sailor Pro Gears (including one exclusive from Japan), and will issue my weekly reminder to get your M400 Brown Tortoise before they’re gone!

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  1. Esterbrook Estie in Evergreen (via Pen Chalet). Esterbrook has released a fourth color, Evergreen, which is available in either chrome or gold trim. So far, Esterbrook is batting 1.000 with the colors in the Estie lineup, as far as I’m concerned.

  2. Vanness Pinnacle by Newton Pens (via Vanness Pens). It looks like a very limited number of these pens made it back from the Philadelphia Pen Show. For those of you who haven’t heard, Shawn Newton is making a “production line” of non-custom pens, and the Pinnacle is the first! Keep an eye on the Vanness site for more as they’re released.

  3. Pilot Vanishing Point Stripes Edition (via Anderson Pens). It’s a bit surprising that Pilot didn’t release this metal striped Vanishing Point last year for their 100th Anniversary (or maybe they intended to, and things happened, who knows?). It’s out now, and it definitely manages to channel the vibe of the vintage Myu and Murex.

  4. Stipula Etruria Rainbow Magma Fountain Pen (via Pen Chalet). After what seems like a bit of a hiatus from regular production, Stipula has released a new Etruria model.

  5. Stipula Etruria Tortoise and Etruria Gorilla (via Pen Chalet). Although the Stipula Etruria model used to be reserved for pens made from Italian celluloid and came equipped with gold or titanium nibs, Stipula introduced a steel nib version that still looks nice. They’re also currently on sale. The Etruria is a very comfortable shape for those who enjoy a larger pen.

  6. Sailor Professional Gear Nagasawa Kounan Maroon Limited Edition (via eBay). Seller CoolJapan typically will have a limited stock of Kobe Nagasawa Limited Edition Pro Gears, like this Kounan Maroon. These don’t last long.

  7. Pelikan M400 Brown Tortoise (via Amazon). The Brown Tortoise M400 will be leaving Pelikan’s lineup, following the M800 Brown Tortoise into the aftermarket. Get yours now, as I suspect these will command a pretty price going forward (at least until Pelikan re-releases them again).

  8. Aurora 88 Minerali (via Vanness Pens). Vanness has a limited number of Aurora 88 Minerali Demonstrators in Blue (Azurite) and Green (Diopside). Check these out along with many other deals on Aurora in the Grandpa’s Basement clearance section.

  9. Sailor Professional Gear Sky Pro Gear Slim Limited Edition (via eBay). I’ve made more of an effort to locate eBay sellers who stock back editions of Sailor Pro Gears. I don’t see Pro Gear Skies come up much, in either standard or slim versions.

  10. Montblanc Starwalker Rollerball (via Appelboom). I love Montblanc Rollerball refills, as well as the rollerball pens in the Classique size. I stayed away from the Starwalker until now, but picked one up and ended up loving it. Review soon!

  11. Uni Jetstream Prime Twist Pen (via Amazon). Uni has released an upscale body for the Jetstream, which comes with two of the SXR-600 Parker-style Jetstream refills (also available separately).

  12. Uni Jetstream 4-in-1 Multi Pen Set (via Amazon). An excellent, and often overlooked, multi pen that I personally need to revisit. Available here as part of a set that includes a Kuru Toga mechanical pencil.

  13. Clearance on Pilot Vanishing Point and Pilot Stargazer (via Goldspot). Check out Goldspot’s “Weekly Dip” for clearance pricing on two great models of Pilot fountain pens. I believe both are being discontinued, so act quickly.

  14. Duncan Shotton Stationery (via Etsy). Duncan Shotton has reloaded his Etsy store with all of his quirky stationery products, including cool push pins, page markers, and the rainbow pencils. One of my favorite places to browse, and you can check out my review here.

  15. Silver Stripes and a Silver Snake (via 18111com/Etsy). Every time I visit this store I get closer to ordering a pen from Yoshi, but I’ll probably wait until a pen show to pick it out in person because I can’t make up my mind.