Almost Four Years, Really? Finding Older Posts and Where to Begin

The Gentleman Stationer community has grown steadily over the past four years, with lots of new readers reaching out every week. This is awesome, by the way, and I love hearing from all of you! One question I frequently get from new readers is "where to start" on the blog. I've been writing here regularly since 2014, so there's a lot of content to navigate. I've played around with the idea of putting together a "Master List" of pens and inks I've reviewed, but that's turned into a rather large project that's still in the works as I try to figure out the best way to do it in a way that's both easy to navigate AND easy to update.

Start with the Guides and Move to the Archives

For now,  if you're new to The Gentleman Stationer (or the pen hobby in general), I'd recommend that you start with the various lists and guides I've assembled over the years, including my "Best Pen" and "Best Ink" recommendations for various purposes and at various price points. These will likely be updated in the coming months. 

I also maintain an archive of past posts listed in reverse-chronological order (most recent posts listed first), which has been fun to read since it's organized by month, and you can go back and see what pens and inks I started with and how my interests have evolved. Finally, last year I wrote a monthly newsletter titled "Digital Divide," which addressed a variety of analog-related topics. All of these newsletters are now archived on the site. I'm currently working on a couple of different projects along the same lines, including a new monthly newsletter, but I'm struggling with the "not enough hours in the day" problem. Stay tuned. 

Finally, all readers of this blog should be aware of Pennaquod, a pen-specific search engine run by Ian Hedley over at Pens! Paper! Pencils! Pennaquod pulls results from several dozen pen blogs (including this one), and it's a great way to read a diverse set of reviews on a pen before you make a purchase. 

I hope this little recap has been helpful, and please, don't hesitate to reach out if you have any questions. Feel free to contact me through the "Contact Me" link on the site, through email at joe (at), or via Twitter (@vintagegntlmn) or Instagram (@gentlemanstationer). For all of you who have been been with me for four years, thanks again! I enjoy writing here every week and plan to continue for the foreseeable future! 

Some Gentleman Stationer Site Updates

It's been a while since I've done some housekeeping on the blog, so I wanted to alert you to a few new features I've been working on: 

  • Archive and Tags. One thing that I've been extremely dissatisfied with is the ability for readers to browse past blog content. I've played around with various formats, but finally settled on the monthly archive as the one which worked the best.  I've also included a tag cloud for those of you who like to use tags to search and navigate. You can access both of these features via the "Index" tab on the navigation bar. It's hard to believe the content goes back to 2014! 
  • Best Pens Page. I recently consolidated all of my pen recommendations blog posts into a single page so that it would be easier to update as my recommendations evolve.

For those of you attending the Pelikan Hubs, tonight, enjoy! Nashville Hub, I'll see you there!

Some Site Updates Going into the Weekend!

Just a quick update on a few new things you'll see on the site.  I've added three sections collecting my "Best Of" lists to make them easier for new readers (and old ones!) to get caught up on past posts.  The links are now pinned to the navigation bar.  

It's been an incredibly busy week at work, so I've not come close to reviewing all of the wonderful things I have sitting on my desk right now, but more reviews are in the works and on the way (including some more pencil and paper content).  In the meantime, if you haven't read my recent series on my Top 5 Fountain Pens in various price ranges, please check it out!  As always, thanks for your support.  I truly appreciate all of you.   

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