Etsy Stores that Sell Pens, Paper, and Miscellaneous Stationery-Related Goods

I love Etsy, regularly scan the site for new sellers with goods that may be of interest to my readers, and maintain a list of favorites that stock an assortment of custom and handmade pens, leather goods, journals, pen wraps, cases, and more. If you have a favorite store that you’d like to see featured on this list, just let me know!

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  1. One Star Leather. Keegan makes custom notebook covers, wallets, phone cases, belts and more. I’ve previously reviewed one of his custom covers for the Baron Fig Confidant.

  2. British Belt Company. British Belt Company also makes high quality leather goods, including this Italian leather notebook cover that I reviewed.

  3. Skylab Letterpress. Unique letterpress cards, prints, coasters, notepads, and more! Home of the famous “I Got Shit to Do” notepads!

  4. Duncan Shotton Design Studio. Some of the quirkiest, most fun stationery items and desk accessories that I’ve come across, including rainbow pencils, space-themed push pins, and paper page markers with themes from “Paris” to “Aliens”!

  5. Taroko Shop. Tomoe River Paper specialists who sell fountain pen-friendly notebooks in various sizes, including pocket, A5, and Traveler’s.

  6. PenBBS Official Store. Based in China, PenBBS has gained a reputation for making high-quality, low-cost pens in a variety of acrylics and other materials.

  7. PKCustomGoods. Pen wraps and cases, in themes that include everything from vintage inkwell motifs to Star Wars and Harry Potter.

  8. Yoshi Nakama/18111com. Yoshi Nakama makes beautiful handcrafted fountain pens that feature a mix of traditional modern techniques. Most of his designs have a maki-e like finish, which is achieved using a combination of laser engraving and hand-painting, as well as 3D-printed rollstoppers.

  9. Desiderata Pens. Pierre Miller maintains an Etsy storefront for his handmade, “small-batch” Desiderata pens that can be fitted with either a Zebra G Calligraphy nib or a standard JoWo No. 6 nib. Check out my review of the “Soubriquet” model here.

  10. Ateleia. Unique machined metal pens built around either the Hi-Tec-C or Pentel Energel refills.

  11. Elegant Utility. The name says it all. Elegant machined pen and pencil accessories.

  12. Working Typewriters. A store located in the Netherlands that receives rave reviews and stocks a wide variety of restored, working typewriters. There’s a good bit of overlap between those of us interested in pens and other “analog-focused” communities, such as pencils and typewriters.